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Matthew Bahr

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Matthew was born and raised in the Midwest. His family has a long history in the restaurant and hospitality industry. He started working with his family in the service industry at a very young age. Matthew felt a strong calling to help others in need since he was a young child. He enlisted into the Air Force after 9/11 as a medic to continue this calling of helping others. His unit the 332nd Medical Group has been credited with saving many wounded and critically ill service members. He also served on American soil conducting medical evacuation missions due to devastating hurricanes in the South with the 81st MDOS out of Biloxi, Mississippi.

After Matthew’s military career ended, he continued with the medical field as a nurse.

The transition from helping service members in combat to helping Veterans navigate the real estate journey drives Matthew to be the best that he can be in the civilian sector.

Matthew prides himself on his continued humanitarian outreaches that include a non-denominational ministry, Veteran and Adolescent suicide prevention, youth mentoring, and scholarship giving. He can often be found outdoors enjoying the Southern California lifestyle as he’s an avid hiker and cyclist.

Matthew BahrUS Air Force VETERAN REALTOR® DRE # 02137911
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Matthew Bahr is a San Diego Military and Veteran Realtor

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