Discussing the VA Loan and how to get offers accepted in this challenging market…

In this podcast episode, Brian and Nait collab with The Burner Team and Amber Welch Homes to discuss today’s market, how to get offer accepted and using the VA loan in San Diego, CA.

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Listen in as we reconnect with the dynamic Real Vets team – Ron Burner, Amber Welch, and Natasha Fetale. From sharing their individual journeys into real estate, they spill the beans about their high-end luxury team and their impressive track record of 110 transactions in the past 12 months. Tune in to hear the exciting news of the team reunion under one roof, bringing a delightful dose of chaos back into the office.

Explore with us as we navigate the world of real estate sales and negotiations, stressing the importance of a sales background. We tackle the delicate balance between aiding people and engaging in negotiations, alongside discussing the art of making VA offers appealing to sellers. Celebrate with us as we share recent wins our VA buyers have had in the market.

Busting myths and highlighting the benefits of VA loans is another hot topic of this episode. Discover how VA loans have evolved over the past 70 years to offer more competitive terms than FHA and conventional loans. We underscore the importance of educating agents and sellers about VA loans and how they can be a boon to active-duty military members. Don’t miss out on our valuable tips on successfully negotiating with agents unfamiliar with VA loans and ensuring the loan closure. Lastly, we bring this lively discussion to a close with an old band reunion, reflecting on our journey and the evolution of VA loans over the years. Join us to learn more about how to work with VA loans in real estate.


Discussing the VA loan and how to get your offer accepted with fellow Realtors Welch and Burner in San Diego.

Prefer to read the transcribed version of this podcast?  Here you go!

0:00:02 – Speaker 1
Welcome back. Real Vets podcast. Bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam Real Vets. Yeah, ladies and gentlemen, it has been a while, but we are back. Oh my god, real Vets podcast, we are back, we are back, we are back. We are back we are back, we are back, we are back.

0:00:28 – Speaker 3
Oh my god, real Vets.

0:00:32 – Speaker 4
Is that really how we are opening? Yeah, Are you already open.

0:00:38 – Speaker 3
We are open live.

0:00:41 – Speaker 2
There was no notice, no hold on. That’s the fun of it. I watch podcasts and you can’t start until you go.

0:00:49 – Speaker 4
Oh, there we go, maybe from the last minute and a half too.

0:00:52 – Speaker 1
He’ll just start whenever he wants. That’s right. Hey, how how do you go? Yeah, I’m very proud to announce that we have Ron Burner on the team.

0:01:04 – Speaker 3
Thank you, I’m the Real Vets team.

0:01:08 – Speaker 2
I’m excited to be here with my honorary pass for the day Honorary pass yeah.

0:01:12 – Speaker 3
Tell us about yourself, ron.

0:01:14 – Speaker 1
How long have you been in real estate and how long have you had a team?

0:01:16 – Speaker 3
I’ve been in real estate for six years. Had a team for three years. Went full time real estate. The month before COVID hit Definitely not the best timing. The first couple of months was questioning the first couple months was questioning that and obviously that year ended up being a really good year and our team I think in the past 12 months about 110 transactions, oh wow big time.

0:01:37 – Speaker 1
All right, we have two other guests as well. We have Natasha and Amber.

0:01:42 – Speaker 4
We didn’t get the intro he got.

0:01:49 – Speaker 1
We got two other RANDOS that won’t be there. You guys are definitely distinguished, so please tell us about your, your awesome team. You guys are kind of like a high-end Luxury team, if I’m not mistaken.

0:02:06 – Speaker 4
Yeah, we like to think we are. Ron always says he’s the course light brand and we’re everything else. So there’s that. My name is Amber Welch, I’m with the Amber Welch homes group and I’m here with Natasha Fetale, one of my top agents.

0:02:22 – Speaker 5
And yeah, we do everything we do it, all we do mobile homes, we do land, we do everything.

0:02:26 – Speaker 4
We’re not that high end, but we do it in red bottoms so we’re not scared. We grew up in East County, we know what to do.

0:02:35 – Speaker 1
So you got red bottoms, unlike your hiking shoes, and I don’t own hiking shoes.

0:02:39 – Speaker 4
That might surprise you.

0:02:41 – Speaker 1
So even when you’re out in the sticks, I don’t buy shoes for comfort.

0:02:43 – Speaker 4
Well, I do have cowboy boots. Okay, yeah, no, you know, I don’t yeah Golf cart.

0:03:03 – Speaker 1
So, amber, how long have you been in business or I should say real estate and how long have you had a team?

0:03:09 – Speaker 4
I started in real estate in 2018 part-time and Just thought I could do it like be a state-of-the-art mom and do real estate. I was very naive to the fact that real estate is not a part-time gig and then started real estate full-time in 2019, began my team right when COVID hit like literally the month before COVID hit and and, but we did. We did very well yeah right on.

0:03:33 – Speaker 1
Yeah, and Natasha, how about yourself?

0:03:36 – Speaker 5
Um, I started in real estate part-time in 2017 and then December 2020 is when I joined the team, and it’s been a fun ride ever since.

0:03:50 – Speaker 1
Right now. So, like most of us, started around COVID or just before COVID. Yeah that’s except for Brian. Brian, you’ve been around Couple years before.

0:03:59 – Speaker 2
COVID years prior. Yeah. Well, I got when you start we got our license about the same time, because we got here by, I think 2016 2016 is my June. Yeah right, so you’ve had your license for like two months longer than me and that’s it. It’s not that much.

0:04:16 – Speaker 3
Don’t forget who the senior agent here is. That oh.

0:04:20 – Speaker 2
I’m sorry, yeah, so, and I’m Brian. You guys know me up here before so.

I’m really excited about this number one. We’re getting the freaking podcast started up and running again. We’ve received several complaints and death threats from people Uh, saying that they want to start hearing our ridiculous voices and stories again. So I’m very excited to get this going. I value my life, um, and on top of that, having you guys here to take this thing off with us again, I’m super awesome. So very excited about that. Um not stoked that, uh, nate didn’t give me a microphone, but I guess everybody can hear me fine.

0:04:52 – Speaker 5
Anyway, I hear you, you’re pretty loud, okay, good so.

0:04:55 – Speaker 1
I mean you could always like Cuddle up to Ron or cuddle up to Amber.

0:05:01 – Speaker 2
I’ll just be loud. I’m good at it.

0:05:03 – Speaker 5
What’s new?

0:05:05 – Speaker 2
What is new? Nothing, I mean, we can hear you.

0:05:08 – Speaker 1
I think it would be better, though, if you, if you, were closer to one of the mics.

0:05:11 – Speaker 4
Okay, Ron really wants you to cuddle with him, yeah come on over here, buddy.

0:05:17 – Speaker 1
So yeah, not only are they thunder buddies, but they’re cuddle buddies as well. They’re my buddies. Yeah, we get weird.

0:05:23 – Speaker 2
So, um, yeah, a lot of, uh, a lot of cool changes have happened for all of us Right in the past probably years, since we’ve done this podcast. We we actually so our team and I we all used to kind of work together at the same brokerage. Uh, a few years back, uh, these guys jumped over to a new one. I just recently brought tip of the spear over to this new one as well, so I feel like we got the old band back together, which is pretty f**king cool. So all back under one roof, all distracting each other from daily work stuff all the time now, which is great mayhem.

Yep a little bit add a little bit of chaos to the office. It’s good for you, you know.

0:05:57 – Speaker 1
I think you need that mayhem and you need that distraction instead of all work, work, work, work, work. Yes, at least when, when we come to work here, it’s fun.

0:06:06 – Speaker 5
Yeah, we’ve got like a really good culture here. We all vibe really well together and it definitely helps in those moments when it’s super stressful, because real estate is not simple. I learned that very quickly Things happen, so it’s nice to come to a place where we all vibe together and we can help each other get through the really tough escrows and all the situations that happen that comes with real estate.

0:06:27 – Speaker 1
Yeah, absolutely yeah. So, natasha, have you ever been on another team, or was this your?

0:06:32 – Speaker 5
First team. Okay, my forever, team Forever. I heard that. I heard that.

0:06:39 – Speaker 3
What have you signed? Something later about that.

0:06:42 – Speaker 5
I, yeah, I was a solo agent and I was, you know, working in an office that had other solo agents and I just didn’t feel it just wasn’t for me. I’ve never been a person that likes to work alone. I thrive in an environment where other people are successful, and I feed off of that energy, and so, um, when I was looking for a good fit, I just found my perfect match it’s me. Yeah we got a cool thing going here in this office.

0:07:10 – Speaker 2
Well, and you guys just announced a pretty big thing with your team too, right? You want to set some light on that one?

0:07:16 – Speaker 3
Yeah, I mean Amber and I are merging our teams together officially. We’ve been working together out of this office for two and a half years. We were kind of on the same team at our previous brokerage, came here separate, kind of did a cost share in our office, figured it made more sense to to combine. And so Now we’re here and a a much bigger team and, as you know from running a team, the team leader job is hard. That’s a lot of work. So figured, if we could split that up and focus what, what we’re good at, and not have to deal with all of the task every day, sure should should make us both more operative.

0:07:48 – Speaker 2
It’s a little bit of like a, a delineation of not so much, not so much authority, but more like just tasks, right, like everybody’s kind of in charge of one thing or the other kind of deal.

0:07:59 – Speaker 3
Amber’s in charge of most things, and then the other three things I’m in charge of.

0:08:04 – Speaker 2
That’s good. That’s good. Delegation, do this leadership right there. So so that’s cool. Well, freaking, super excited for you guys. I’ve known both of you well all three really for several years and I’m excited to see where you guys go with this big, super Gnarly team. You guys got to start getting like getting photos of like you guys piggybacking on each other and like maybe putting them on, you know, on billboards and stuff like that.

0:08:27 – Speaker 3
We actually have a fake photo?

0:08:28 – Speaker 4
that photo may exist.

0:08:31 – Speaker 3
We actually have that photo, that’s amazing.

0:08:35 – Speaker 4
We were able to make it happen with minimal touching. Nice, because I don’t I don’t know if you know that about me I don’t like to be touched.

0:08:41 – Speaker 3
Yeah you know that’s so. Do it. Don’t touch me. Yeah, I really need my space so.

0:08:45 – Speaker 4
Um, but we have an amazing marketing person, melina, and she’s very good at photoshop, so we did make that that photo happen.

0:08:52 – Speaker 2
That’s awesome, we sure did. Can you send me that? I don’t really want to see it, that’s fun.

0:08:57 – Speaker 4
Do you have it, ron?

0:08:58 – Speaker 3
I can’t, you know me, I can’t find anything.

0:09:00 – Speaker 4
I don’t know.

0:09:01 – Speaker 2
Okay, we’ll find it we need to get one of those old like new, the old Nokia brick funds. This has got like four functions and that’s it.

0:09:08 – Speaker 4
We just got him away from a laptop computer that he had to plug into the wall every time he used it. Ha ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha ha ha, ha, ha, ha, ha ha ha.

0:09:16 – Speaker 2
Oh, my god Found the photo. We cannot share that with anybody. That’s hilarious.

0:09:21 – Speaker 4
That’s true it’s amazing. I think we should put it on a billboard.

0:09:23 – Speaker 3
There’s another team in here who did this. And one gentleman is on the other gentleman’s back and so someone took this and put mine in Amber’s faces on there. So I am on Amber’s back, which I doubt there’s any chance you’d be holding it.

0:09:37 – Speaker 4
I’ve been carrying you for a long time, werner. Ha ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha ha.

0:09:39 – Speaker 3
When I went to say that, I was like, just take it to the backfire and like so.

0:09:43 – Speaker 1
on that note for our long time listeners if you send us a direct message, we’ll send you a copy of that photo.

0:09:51 – Speaker 2
Absolutely, and some other weird shit.

0:09:54 – Speaker 1
Yeah, and some Amber, welch, swag.

0:09:57 – Speaker 4
Swag yes.

0:09:59 – Speaker 2
Yes, I like it. And some Werner shweigs as well, just don’t open your phone at work after this.

0:10:05 – Speaker 3
Make sure that you’re not on your.

0:10:06 – Speaker 4
VPN Right.

0:10:07 – Speaker 3
Well, we’re excited that you guys are here.

0:10:09 – Speaker 4
Oh yeah, Because you definitely bring like a whole different dynamic to the office that was missing Got a little louder than you’re doing. Like a masculine one, you know.

0:10:15 – Speaker 2
Yeah, it was way too many women in this office. That was missing.

0:10:20 – Speaker 3
Hold on, and it’s awesome too.

0:10:22 – Speaker 4
You took the trash out one time and videoed it and was like CEO life and like threw it away. We’re like this is what you’re doing.

0:10:28 – Speaker 3
You took the trash out one time. Nice work, dude. One time in three years, that’s not bad.

But on that, it’s awesome having you here and having another productive agent in our office. We love to share what we’re doing and to bounce ideas off each other and, again, you and I are very different how we run our business, but it’s good to have someone to talk through problems with and like problem solve with, because, as everyone, people outside of real estate probably think that real estate is this super simple thing that goes on. But there’s lots and lots of problems and there’s lots of hiccups and the shit hits the fan a lot and it’s good to have people around that you can run scenarios through as stuff’s not going how you want it to and if other people have experienced it and once you’ve done enough transactions, there’s going to be a bad one or two in there. For some agents it’s 10.

But to be able to like problem solve and like get through that and have people in the office that can help you with that, because it’s not always a black and white answer and unfortunately, when you get your real estate test, they don’t have a part in there about like solving problems and what happens when termite comes back bad or something like that. So it’s always good that people that can help you through problems.

0:11:36 – Speaker 2
Totally. And well, that’s you and I used to work right next to each other in our old office too, for years that our office walls were paper thin, so everything that he had going on every phone call he made, I could always hear every word he was saying. It was the same me. So like anytime Ron had some transaction going on where something was going weird, he’d come in and he just walked literally three steps to my office Like dude did you hear all that I’m like yep, he’s like what do you think?

And we would sit there and brainstorm out and try to figure it out. It was the same me anytime I was having problems. So I feel like we actually kind of grew together for a little while there where we were helping each other out, and it was cool.

0:12:10 – Speaker 3
Man, I’m really happy to have this place back. That was much earlier in my career yeah, a long time ago transaction-wise so most of mine were a mess.

0:12:17 – Speaker 2
Uh-huh, a lot of it was like well, now what do I do? You went from 90% mess rate to like 86% mess rate. Yes, it’s getting much better. Yeah, that’s good. Hey, man, that’s improvements.

0:12:29 – Speaker 1
So, amber, let’s touch on you Talking about success and real estate.

0:12:35 – Speaker 2
She said she doesn’t like people touching her.

0:12:38 – Speaker 1
Metaphorically speaking. So you moved over. You were a successful business person before you moved into real estate. So what made you make that jump and what did you do before?

0:12:49 – Speaker 4
I was in the corporate world for many years, so my dad came from the corporate world and when I was young I was always taught like climb the ladder, get to the top. So I was the vice president of sales for a national financial services firm and my entire job was flying across the country managing, mentoring salespeople, but also closing C-level accounts from the organization that I was a part of. So it was a cool job, but I was Skyping my family from hotels and airports every night and my son was getting older and it just didn’t make sense. So I told my husband when my son turned five and he could realize that, like mom wasn’t home every day, I would retire from the corporate world and be a stay-at-home mom, which was hilarious because, I’m not a domestic mom Like I suck at it.

I’m literally the worst domestic mom you could ever think of. I’m a great mom, but the stay-at-home mom, like mommy and me walk through the park, that’s just not, it wasn’t a good fit. So I’m a salesperson Like I need the hunt and the kill of finding a deal and closing the next one right. So there’s not a lot of that going on in the playground, unfortunately. So I was like well, I’ll just start real estate. You know it’s transferable, it’s sales. I’ll do well at it, and I did. I started real estate and then got my real estate license but I was in the corporate world traveling for so long that I had to reconnect with like all of the people that I know here because they hadn’t seen me in years, because I was just grinding in the corporate world. So it took some time, but we’re killing it, we’re doing good.

Absolutely I feel like most people that join real estate and get their real estate license don’t have a sales background. So when they find out it’s a sales job, they struggle and finding the next deal or even working on their clients behalf to negotiate for them to make sure that they’re not getting screwed. You know those are. Those are things that we’re very skilled at because we’re comfortable handling those negotiations. You know.

0:14:41 – Speaker 1
So you’re the first person that I’ve actually heard say that it’s it’s good to have that sales background, because a lot of other people are like, no, it’s not sales. It is technically a sales position, but really I hear a lot of people saying that it’s just building relationships. But you’re saying that it’s.

0:14:59 – Speaker 4
I don’t know. I mean, I think that there’s some level of negotiation and like sales aptitude that comes with it. You have to have the empathy to know what the person that you’re talking to is going through and also have probably purchased a home on your own to know what your clients are going through and the stress that comes along with that. But I also play a lot of poker. So when a client’s teller, an agent’s telling me one thing and I know it’s not true I’m very skilled at kind of navigating those conversations and finding out what I need to find from them.

You know asking the right questions to get the right answers and then using that to my clients advantage to make sure that we’re we’re doing things the right way, you know.

0:15:34 – Speaker 5
It’s so cool to see Amber like in her zone. She kills it every time it’s literally.

0:15:39 – Speaker 4
conflict is where most agents kind of shy away from, and conflict is my favorite part of real estate.

0:15:45 – Speaker 1
So you’re gonna read it, and life, and life.

0:15:48 – Speaker 3
That’s why I partnered with Ron. I bring her the constant conflict.

0:15:55 – Speaker 1
That is cool.

0:15:56 – Speaker 2
Yeah, it’s a good time these two are gonna have like a shootout in the office someday. We sit there watching with popcorn.

0:16:03 – Speaker 4
We actually balance. We balance each other really well yeah.

0:16:06 – Speaker 5
I agree.

0:16:07 – Speaker 4
Because we both enjoy helping people.

0:16:08 – Speaker 3
we just do it in very different ways and then I would say, on the sales side, this talked about, less of it is with your client, more of it is on if they have 10 or 15 offers. Yeah, we consistently have to deliver bad news to people.

0:16:20 – Speaker 5

0:16:21 – Speaker 3
And that takes a talent. The first couple times you have to call someone bad news it’s hard, so understanding how to phrase that and then also trying to negotiate with another agent to get what you need for your client. It’s more of the sales than it is like I’m gonna talk, brian and to buy in this house he doesn’t want. That’s not the selling we’re doing, but it’s. He said he wants to buy the house. That’s like the consultant job we have.

0:16:43 – Speaker 4

0:16:43 – Speaker 3
And then the the selling that comes in is when I’m talking to the other agent, getting him what he needs and making sure that that he got a good deal and then getting through like any of the hiccups that we have. That’s where the sales comes in and problem solving and all of that. So it’s less of people like we aren’t used car salesman. It’s like someone walks in here today. We’re not gonna send them out of the car, right, but if if they do like the house, we’re gonna fight like hell to get them in it and to get them the best deal possible.

0:17:09 – Speaker 4
Especially our military clients which is why I’m so excited to have you guys in the office. Yeah, because we go to bat like the amount of agents that won’t even look at a VA offer. It blows me away.

0:17:20 – Speaker 2
Yeah, so it’s so infuriating. It’s awful yeah.

0:17:23 – Speaker 4
It’s awful and I feel so bad for my clients when these things happen. So we’ve gotten very skilled at packaging our offers, our VA offers, in a way where it’s going to be attractive to the sellers and then the rest of it is having that rapport with that agent and making sure that they feel good about moving forward.

0:17:38 – Speaker 1
Yeah, so can you describe how you’re packaging that?

0:17:42 – Speaker 4
No, it’s confidential. You’ll have to sign an NDA first.

0:17:46 – Speaker 3
Nait and he can’t be on the air. Sign a non-disclosure account. You can’t tell anybody about this?

0:17:50 – Speaker 2
podcast. So let’s talk about some, some wins, because we’ve all had a pretty crazy couple years.

COVID was a shit show last year the market completely freaking, went upside down compared to what it was before. We’re starting to see some pickup. Everybody’s falling low inventory Buyer apps are starting to pick up, we’re starting to see bumps and prices are starting to go up for the first time, like a half a year or something like that. So let’s talk about some wins that we’ve had with our VA buyers, because, as we do, you guys work with a lot of VA people. We’re in San Diego, of course, so do you guys want to share some wins that you’ve had with VA buyers in the recent past?

0:18:31 – Speaker 4
I have one in Ramona that I closed on probably about a month ago and the agent it was so crazy, the agent, the house, hit the market. They did open houses. My clients were very strong. They’re a military couple. They just had a baby. He was about nine months old. They were looking for their first property and we wrote an offer and he, the agent, literally told us you’re our highest offer, but we won’t accept it. The seller doesn’t want to entertain VA offers. And I was like this blows me away. First of all, I don’t even think that’s legal yeah.

I don’t even think it’s legal and so anyway, yeah and anyway.

So they ended up accepting another offer that wasn’t VA, because the seller wasn’t comfortable, because his agent wasn’t counseling him, probably to understand that VA offers are very strong offers. And so they ended up taking another offer and then falling out of escrow. And my clients saw the house hit the market again and they’re like can we try again? And I’m like we can try, you know, but they were very adamant about not wanting a VA offer. So I called the client or the agent and I was like, hey, what happened with that strong offer? You were in looks like you’re back on the market. And he’s like, yeah, we are, but we’re still in the same spot. We don’t want to entertain VA.

And I was like, if I sent you an offer right now, super strong, incentivize your clients was part of my commission to get them to take our offer before you do open houses this weekend, would you present it to your clients? And he’s like, well, yeah, I have to. And I said, perfect, so we did. And we wrote in like $2,000 of my commission, you know, to take my offer by 5 pm and the sellers that’s all they needed to see and $2,000 to me to help a military family get into a home is a no-brainer and yeah, and now they live there and dogs and kids and babies and everything and it’s amazing yeah it’s just frustrating when I just don’t know where that mindset comes from.

It’s very traditional and old-fashioned and it’s just not accurate anymore, sure you know?

0:20:23 – Speaker 2
I think, well, I think a part of it and that’s awesome dude, that’s nice work. I think a part of it is the VA loan has changed so much in the past 70 years that it’s existed like the first, the VA loan first came out post-World War two.

I don’t know if you guys know the history, but it came out first post-World War two and back then it was buyer could pay nothing now closing costs, not anything and they had to live there for the entire 30 years. You couldn’t even rent it out, nothing. It was just you have to live there. There’s nothing. That it was. It was a shitty product back then. Yeah, back in the day it was terrible. But over 70 years of different veteran organizations like the VFW, the American Legion and vets, all these different the larger veterans organizations that petition Congress, petition the House, you know, senate, everybody, and and changing law after law, after a lot over time that the VA’s actually turned into a product that’s in a lot of ways more competitive than you know, fha conventional loans especially like. I think the biggest thing everybody’s always worried about is appraisals with VA right yeah appraisal, it’s always gonna come in low.

No, that’s not the case. Va appraisers are appraisers that are approved to appraise houses for the VA, and the other part of that is so they don’t really do anything different. And the other part of that is what other type of loan can you fucking go fight a low VA appraisal? Yeah how, what can you?

0:21:47 – Speaker 1
low appraisal, it’s true and what’s our success rate on fighting 100%?

0:21:52 – Speaker 2
there we go far yeah, absolutely, dude, we got.

0:21:55 – Speaker 5
I got the phone number to the fucking man, I am so excited that you guys are here.

0:21:59 – Speaker 3
You guys are gonna change the game so, like on that, though, for people to understand, is the VA appraiser, is the FHA appraiser and he’s the conventional appraisal. Yeah, it’s the same guy, yep you just had to get his VA certificate to be able to do VA right, but they don’t call a VA number and then a conventional number, or they don’t call like the shitty guy and be like, hey, it’s VA, go out and do it low yeah right, it’s the same guy.

0:22:25 – Speaker 2
They call the guy that’s next up on the list of loans, right, and?

0:22:28 – Speaker 3
so there’s some different guidelines and they are different, but I think the VA loan has more bad myths out there than anything, sure, and so I think, as agents, it’s our job, especially when you’re when we’re representing a VA buyer, to let the other agent understand that the only real difference, in my opinion, as an agent, is that you need to get section one term I clearance. It doesn’t mean the seller has to pay for it. That’s another myth that’s out there just yeah, but we just need section one, term I clearance.

That’s the only difference. Yeah, so if we don’t have a huge termite problem, the difference is zero. The same bank does the loan as well, like some people think that the VA funds slower. No, it’s the same damn bank, the same bank does conventional VA and FHA.

0:23:10 – Speaker 2
The VA doesn’t fund anything, the VA ensures the loan. That’s it Right.

0:23:14 – Speaker 3
so, like a lot of people have, just they don’t understand that loan. The other part too for me, when I always try to package it. If I have someone that’s active duty, our government’s never laid off the Navy.

0:23:25 – Speaker 5
Yep, that’s true.

0:23:26 – Speaker 3
So right now, when there’s major layoffs and there’s problems happening and who knows who’s gonna have a job in 30 days, if we have someone that’s in active duty, there’s pretty good shot. They’re gonna be employed in 30 days when this deal closes, so we don’t have to worry about them losing their job Totally.

0:23:41 – Speaker 5
Yeah, it’s definitely a lot of education with the other side. So if there’s other agents out there that don’t quite understand it, we are helping educate everybody that it’s a strong loan and will be there with you through the whole process.

0:23:54 – Speaker 3
Yeah, and like everyone knows someone who has an uncle, who had a cousin, who had a friend, who one time got screwed over by a VA deal. But we’ve all had bad appraisals and it’s the same bad appraisers that do all the different loans. Everyone has like a bad story and we’ve all been through situations where we can’t believe the appraiser came back with what he did.

0:24:10 – Speaker 2
Yeah, but in someone’s head, not me, never, ever.

0:24:14 – Speaker 3
But like in somebody’s head, they heard that from someone. Who heard it from someone? They don’t know it for fact. They have no idea what into it. They’ve never been to the house, but in their head it’s oh, that’s VA. So I don’t wanna take it cause it’s bad and I’m gonna get a low appraisal.

0:24:26 – Speaker 2
So I’ve actually had a situation before where I submitted an offer on behalf of my clients. They were both active duty army Well, I guess former active duty army. They’re both reservists. One’s Sanio PD now, the other one’s a contractor that works for the government but using their VA loan. Right, they wanted to buy this house. They were super excited about it. We submitted an offer. Agent calls me and goes it’s VA go. Yeah, he goes. Oh, I don’t know if I wanna go. That was a super old guy. He sounded dead. I don’t know Whatever he was dead.

He was probably 1,000. I think he might’ve been around during King Tut’s days.

0:25:02 – Speaker 4
Maybe just learned English over the last couple hundred years he wrote the VA policy Straight up but he was like oh, I don’t know the VA, you know this and that, blah, blah, blah.

0:25:10 – Speaker 2
And I’m like, well, look, f**king listen, grandpa, like from what you know about it, like what is it that your issues are with the VA loan? And he tells me well, all my clients can’t afford their closing costs. That’s fine, we’re paying our own closing costs. Well, what if there’s low appraisal? That’s fine, we’re issuing an ROV, I’m very confident about our purchase price and there’s no way we would lose that. Oh well, what about this? What about that? And I just happened that my lender, who worked for a company at the time that did a lot of training for real estate agents, was putting on a VA loan training for realtors that weekend. This was on like a Thursday or something like that, right. And I’m like, hey, look, I want you to be confident in this, let’s fucking go learn some stuff together. If you’re free Saturday, let’s go to this training. My lender’s company is putting this on and they’re one of the bigger VA loan companies at the time. They still are shit, not going to say the name. Fuck those guys.

0:26:05 – Speaker 3
But anyway, but you have to pay to get a sponsorship on this podcast.

0:26:09 – Speaker 2
Yeah, right, you want to get a shout out Fucking, send me some money or swag. I like swag too. We’re nice, anyway. Or beer, or beer. Yeah, fuck, it’s going to take a lot Anyway.

0:26:20 – Speaker 4
Are we making requests for people to send us things? Yes, what do you guys need? Should we get?

0:26:25 – Speaker 5
some groceries, what’s up?

0:26:26 – Speaker 2
So the guy ended up meeting me at that training. He sat through the training and at the end of it I came in and introduced myself to him. He goes you’re Brian. I said yeah, and he fucking shook my hand. He’s like let’s fucking do it. So doing that just in that education not hearing it directly from me because I’m just trying to get my fucking offer accepted, but hearing it from somebody that actually is in that world 100% was something that got him to say, ok, this is cool, advises clients, let’s go ahead and move forward with these people. And I ended up getting my client to the house. So there’s always a way to do it. And how many agents run in San Diego now? There’s like 38, 39,000. 38, 39,000. How many of us do a good job?

0:27:10 – Speaker 5
Very small percent. Yeah, very small percent. One is 100.

0:27:13 – Speaker 2
What is it like? The top 3% or 5% that own fucking almost the entire market, or something like that. So there’s some really really great agents out there and there’s also some of us that really fucking suck. So that’s another thing. That for people that are thinking about buying a house, like, interview your agents and if you’re a military or a veteran trying to use a VA loan, go talk to them. Ask them success stories Like, hey, how many VA loans have you done? How many times have you helped f**king military folks? How familiar are you with the VA loan? How familiar is your lender with the VA loan? All that stuff is so important. People that know what they’re doing are going to get your shit done. People that don’t know what you’re doing will steer you away from the VA loan and make you pay a bunch of extra money for no fucking reason.

0:27:56 – Speaker 1
And one thing I’ve noticed about you and appears to be Ron is you guys do not take no for an answer.

0:28:03 – Speaker 2
Ron learned everything he knows from me.

0:28:05 – Speaker 3
Having that wall in between us. You know Brian’s voice. I heard everything he said, so I just stole all of his verbiage. I can basically talk like a Marine. I just can’t say the F word as much.

0:28:16 – Speaker 2
But I have the Marine lingo down. Your kids are much younger than mine too.

0:28:20 – Speaker 4
He coaches stuff. Seven-year-old girls in softball Listen, fuckers yeah.

0:28:26 – Speaker 3
That was Brian, by the way, in case you picked up the voice.

0:28:28 – Speaker 1
You can’t be doing that. How about you, Natasha? Can you tell the listeners a time where you got no and you decided to not take that? For the final answer.

0:28:39 – Speaker 5
Yeah, I had. So last year again, we worked a lot with our first responders and military and one of my clients they were police officers and they wanted to use their VA benefits because they were former military and they were looking in Ramona. And of course, same stipulation, every agent that I spoke with was like I don’t want to take a VA offer because this house has XYZ, it’s not going to pass a preysal, it’s going to do all this stuff. I’m like, oh, it’s so annoying, right. So at this agent, this was the house for them and I could see where he maybe thought that there were some concerns. But I reassured him. I was like, listen, I will be there for everything and we will find a solution to anything that comes up. So just reassuring him that we’re not just going to give up if it gets hard. But of course he was like we’re going to take a conventional. I’m so sorry, I’m like whatever.

So I stayed on top of him for the next week or so while they were in escrow and I kept checking in like, hey, how are things going with inspection? Were you guys at with that? Just to kind of gauge to see if it would fall apart. And he said, yeah, we’re going to fall out of escrow. They want XYZ. We couldn’t come to terms whatever. And I was like, well, you should take my offer. We’re super strong. I just like I talked him through it and I said, listen, like I will be there for a preysal day, I will bring comms, I will bring every whatever you need. I know that’s not usually what the buyer’s agent does, but I will be there to hold your hand and everyone’s hand through this. I will not give up. We will find a solution. So he said, ok, we’ll take your offer.

And I was like thank god, yeah, yeah but it was nice because I taught him a lesson too and I helped educate him like kind of like what you did, but through the experience, where I just kept reassuring him that you know Everything that came up, even though they are first-time home buyers and their first-time home buyers do get scared with a lot of things that pop up like Our team is very skilled at like what Ron said.

Like we do, we deliver bad news all the time, but we know how to package it and we know how to Find a solution through anything. So that’s basically what that whole escrow process was, and I was there for the appraisal day. He was so impressed, he was floored by the fact that I showed up with a whole folder of Everything that the appraiser needed and I had it packaged up really nice with all of our marketing and Comps and I gave it to the appraiser and, of course, it appraise. It was totally fine and he was like, wow, I, I’m just so impressed. I’ve never met any agent that actually works this hard to make sure that it gets through, especially with VA, and I was like, well, you got to keep working with us. So so it was good.

And they. Initially they weren’t gonna do anything, but I got them to cover all of our closing costs, like so they basically, they only paid for their home inspection.

0:31:36 – Speaker 2
And all that stuff.

0:31:39 – Speaker 5
Basically yes and they were so happy and that agent was so nice too. They ended up giving like a cute little like, oh, like, welcome home package. They got him a new ring camera, like all these things. I was like, wow, this is crazy. So, and now I have a really good relationship with that agent now too, so he’s keeping me in the loop with things that are hitting the market and now he’s accepting VA offers because he gets it now.

0:32:00 – Speaker 4
Oh yeah.

0:32:02 – Speaker 3
One escrow at a time we actually had one last year where the the buyer, didn’t come out with one penny. We got every single thing covered, really, and we had too many credits, so we were able to get him reimbursed for his um, for his appraisal and his inspection. Oh, that’s awesome, so he came in with not one penny out of pocket. It was the first time that I’d ever done that.

0:32:20 – Speaker 2
That’s amazing, that’s fucking great Hell.

0:32:22 – Speaker 3
yeah, we had one other one that a lot of people don’t know in a VA loan, if you have too many credits, yeah the borrower can take those seller credits and pay off debt.

0:32:32 – Speaker 5

0:32:32 – Speaker 3
So we had one where we had 3,500 left over and got his car paid off, or so it was his credit card.

0:32:37 – Speaker 2
That’s awesome. He had a $3,500 credit card.

0:32:39 – Speaker 3
So not only did he get, it was $0 out of his pocket, he got his $3,500 credit card paid off, that’s amazing.

0:32:45 – Speaker 2
I love it.

0:32:45 – Speaker 1
You got paid to buy a new house.

0:32:47 – Speaker 3
Yeah, and literally the other. The other agent was like you can’t do that like.

0:32:52 – Speaker 5
Let me show you.

0:32:54 – Speaker 3
And then, like once it closed, we’re like check that out, like see how that worked out. Yeah, and it was able to fix like their DTI and everything, so we’re able to take it, that credit card, off of there. So some people don’t know that, but on VA, that you can slide seller credits over to pay off debt, absolutely.

0:33:07 – Speaker 2
Pay your car off, pay whatever off you want. Dude.

0:33:10 – Speaker 5

0:33:11 – Speaker 2
It’s. It’s amazing. It’s amazing what kind of like things are available with the VA loan. You know it’s such a good product.

0:33:17 – Speaker 3
I just wish more agents would fucking understand it, but it’s also important, if you’re using it, to have an agent that understands it, but also a lender that understands it, because I’ve had lenders tell me that you can’t do that as well. Yeah, because that you can’t for conventional or FHA. So you want to have someone who understands the difference in VA and how they can move money around and use seller credits for some cool shit.

0:33:35 – Speaker 2
There was one time you and I were talking a few years back where there was some lender that was trying to convince you up and down I can’t remember exactly what I think it was for like section one and two clearance that VA loans required. Section two would work in termite clearance, which, for the listeners, there’s two types of.

There’s two types of, you know, woodworking stuff every house that sells a vehicle and has to be free of bugs and not rotting away. Right, so that’s section one. Stuff, stuff that’s actually eating your house right now. Section two is stuff that could be a problem in the future. Right, say, like I don’t know, water stains or some other weird thing like that that might be indicative of a problem in the future, right, well, ron is on the phone with this agent and he had an offer where they’re asking for section one. The agents like, well, you guys need section two also.

0:34:20 – Speaker 3
Right, there’s a VA requirement.

0:34:22 – Speaker 2
Yeah, VA required that and that was their lender, wasn’t it?

0:34:25 – Speaker 3
It was the lender that proclaims themselves to be the number one VA lender in the US. They are not anymore.

0:34:30 – Speaker 4
Not me Googling.

0:34:33 – Speaker 3
But they used to be the number one VA Loan company in the US and the loan officer was telling me that it was mandatory, of which I replied is it really mandatory? And secondly, is there anything that that would make the buyer or buyers agent not pay for it, because they were saying it’s a VA requirement and that the seller had to pay for it?

0:34:54 – Speaker 5
And you like, is it your?

0:34:55 – Speaker 3
first day, which is not true, like both of their statements were false, so I didn’t know which one to pick apart first. But after we were able to educate them, we were able to close that deal without our seller spending any more money, because they were just trying to add things in that, because they didn’t understand the process. Sure, yeah, and this was a VA loan specialist with a VA type loan company Good stuff. It didn’t know the VA rules.

0:35:19 – Speaker 4
That didn’t know. They sent me the.

0:35:20 – Speaker 3
VA handbook, though it’s like 89 pages. What I wasn’t gonna read through the 89 pages, I just wanted to fast forward to the ones, but it was actually your deal.

0:35:28 – Speaker 5
I’m sorry I zoned out for a second. I had to text a client.

0:35:31 – Speaker 4
Natasha tunes run out a lot.

0:35:38 – Speaker 5
Backtrack one more time. What were you talking about?

0:35:40 – Speaker 3
We’re just talking about how there was an agent who tried to force one of our clients to Get section two termite clearance. Oh yeah, that was a fun one, and that they said it was a VA requirement and the seller had to pay for it, and yeah her client and it’s spending zero more dollars and we closed two days later. But, they were. They like threw their hands in the air and was like nope, can’t close. Bank says that we need it and it’s a lender requirement, it’s VA and all of that.

0:36:06 – Speaker 5
So going back to also being like part of like this environment where we have all gone through that also helps with our business too. The experiences that each individual agent has With their escrows, the lenders that they’ve worked with, like because he’s got all this experience too and we’ve also got a very strong lender that knows what’s going on that also helped with that situation. So if we, you know, it also helps us look like the expert when we’re like I may not have gone through this before, but someone in my office has, and we know that that’s not right.

0:36:36 – Speaker 3
And also, if you had, if, if you had a listing agent that didn’t know what they’re doing, they might have told their client like well, we have to pay the sixteen hundred dollars to get section two clearance because it’s a VA requirement, and then that guy would have Walked away with see, I never should have taken a VA deal because I had to do $1500 of stuff that I shouldn’t had to do.

0:36:51 – Speaker 2
Right, it’s right when how many conventional offers have you received on the on the list side that we’re like I want $10,000 worth of work to be done to this house. Dude, we just had one I literally just had one that this person basically threw the freaking inspection report back at my sellers and we’re like fix all this stuff. One of the things was one of the light switch covers was cracked and they wanted to fix. I was in the repair quest. Oh my lord 33 cents, and they were.

0:37:19 – Speaker 3
It’s a safety concern if I try to change it out.

0:37:25 – Speaker 2
Down or get flood the house somehow. But yeah, it’s, that’s so maddening, but I mean regardless. I get the long time. Does it really matter that much? No, it doesn’t, everybody’s in an individual basis. Yeah, the villains are the easiest thing in the world. So can you Work with a VA loan? Can you get a VA loan closed in a very seller, then a very much a seller’s market? Can you get it? What again, can you get a VA loan closed in a seller’s market?

0:37:55 – Speaker 3
Absolutely, and Okay. There’s a lot of people to think of VA loan takes longer. We just did one in 11 days, mm-hmm, so it doesn’t take longer. It’s the same process. It’s, it’s, it’s the same, everything, literally. The only difference is that term. I clearance Yep, amber. Same question.

0:38:09 – Speaker 4
I have two closing next week. I think fucking a yeah, we’re double-ending, so they’re selling their house and we got a VA contingent offer accepted on a purchase by being creative. Yeah, I’m literally after this, going to their home inspection for their new property.

0:38:21 – Speaker 2
That’s the unicorn that everybody thinks is impossible.

0:38:23 – Speaker 4
Oh yeah, we’re good at it though.

0:38:24 – Speaker 5
Yeah, yeah, yeah, we can do it.

0:38:27 – Speaker 1
Nate, oh for sure. And on Ron’s note, I think we got you beat, I think we got one and closed in 10 days.

0:38:34 – Speaker 3
See, he has a direct lender.

0:38:38 – Speaker 2
I’m not sure if you’re gonna hear folks, a couple of people who pretend to be experts at stuff, telling you absolutely as straight as possible so Must be right. We had a lender tell us the other day.

0:38:47 – Speaker 3
It was impossible to get a VA appraisal back and under 14 days I’m like why just close it down 11? So I wonder how they did that without the appraisal.

0:38:54 – Speaker 2
That’s sounds like some booted witchcraft they have the VA has up to 14 days.

0:38:59 – Speaker 3
Yeah if you, a appraiser, has up to 14 days to get it back to you in San Diego. There’s not a lot of transactions right now, so they’re all sitting around waiting for work. So if you call in an appraisal today, they can go do it tomorrow.

0:39:09 – Speaker 2
And then wait and they call out stupid shit so they can go back and reinspecting it paid a second time. But hey, that’s that’s happening right now because the appraisers are broke happened to one of my clients, just that they called out Stuff that an appraiser VA pain, so stupid called out a Piece of stucco on the side of the house that was like the paint was peeling because water was hitting it.

They, freaking, called that out. So the seller’s got it taken care of because it’s done right. A little bit of paint, easy, easy peasy. That fucking dude charged an extra hundred and seventy dollars to go back, to go back, and we asked him like hey, how about if I just send you some pictures? We send him pictures, send him the invoice, send him all this stuff. How about you just say yes, oh no, I need to go back. Yeah right, you’re trying to get your fucking game of golf paid for this weekend. Come on, anyway.

0:39:55 – Speaker 1
Sorry, it’s expensive. Huh, tory Pines is expensive.

0:39:59 – Speaker 3
You know what’s funny is, so I’m probably has a text message from that same appraiser in 2020 Saying I don’t have time to go back and reinspect. Can you just shoot me a picture? Yeah but, now that he’s broken, not doing any deals. He has to go out there himself because it’s company rules.

0:40:12 – Speaker 4
I’d like to say that I don’t personally have anything bad to say about appraisers. I’d like this to go on the record.

0:40:27 – Speaker 1
We’ll go back and edit that.

0:40:36 – Speaker 2
Good shit. Well, hey, you know it’s, it’s good to know and I think that for anybody that’s listening, that’s you know, considering buying a house, I think that there’s a few things that you can take away from just everything we’ve talked about. Number one is Make sure you hire an agent that has experience with VA and knows what they’re talking about, knows what they’re looking for. You know, having an agent on a team, that’s that’s huge. In my opinion as well. We have tip of the spear.

You know Amber and Ron have their team, and that I think that’s kind of a big gain for pretty much anybody, because of the fact that you don’t have just your agent. You have your agent Plus a whole mastermind of people around you that can help solve problems for you. So those are good gains there as well. And you know, if anybody’s you know listening thinking about looking for, looking to buy a house, we are here in San Diego, we can help you out pretty much anywhere in Southern California, and we also have agents all over the world that we can find for you, vet for you. Make sure that they’re gonna you know, they know what they’re doing and that they’re gonna be taking care of you and looking out for them, looking out for you, not themselves, and all that stuff, so Y’all know where to find us. I guess is the end of that tibethespierrecom.

That’s not even our website.

0:41:45 – Speaker 4

0:41:47 – Speaker 1
Close. I tried pluging you.

0:41:49 – Speaker 3
I’m surprised he didn’t plug his own. Yeah, right From Berger, I wouldn’t do that on his podcast ShaiRanicom.

0:41:54 – Speaker 2

0:41:56 – Speaker 1

0:41:57 – Speaker 2
Yeah, good shit. Well, thank you guys for coming in, thank you guys for your insights. Yeah, I’m super stoked to have the old band back together.

0:42:06 – Speaker 4
This is awesome. Us too. This is a good time, yeah.

0:42:07 – Speaker 2
You guys give me about three weeks of yelling and screaming. We’ll see what we’ll talk then. Thanks for having us.

0:42:13 – Speaker 5
Thanks for having us. Yeah, thanks for having us.

0:42:15 – Speaker 2
Cheers Nate, you want to sign us out?

0:42:18 – Speaker 1
On behalf of Tip of the Spear and all the veterans in San Diego. Thank you, cheers, lets drink. My heart is broken louder with the crackle of the flames. No, you’ll never see me again. No, you’ll never see me again.


0:43:14 – Speaker 2
No, you’ll never see me again. No, you’ll never know you’re gone. Oh, it’s like it’s in sorrow again. To save the day, I’m sick of sickly sinners, provided I’m the same. No, you’ll never see me again. No, you’ll never see me again.

0:44:52 – Speaker 4
No, you’ll never see me again. Oh, it’s like it’s in sorrow. I know no other way. I might just meet my maker and the me. That’s just okay. I’ve got nothing to say. No, you’ll never see me again. No, you’ll never see me again. No, you’ll never see me again.

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