San Diego Military Realtors chat with a Navy Chief about all things Military and Real Estate

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San Diego Military Real Estate Professionals, Nait and Brian had the honor of welcoming Navy Chief, Ralphaell, into the recording studio. Ralphaell’s story is no ordinary one; he charted his course from Pennsylvania all the way to the Navy, his journey is filled with experiences as rewarding as they are diverse. From his initial encounter with a less than pleasant Air Force recruiter, to a fulfilling career in the Navy, Ralphaell’s tale was an adventure that never ceased to impress us.

Ralphaell’s insightful experiences in the Navy served as a springboard to discuss the pivotal role of leadership in the military and its impact on team dynamics. We explored how training programs like the Navy’s Chief Season fine-tune leadership skills, and how the annual command climate survey allows Navy members to anonymously voice their thoughts about their superiors. Now, imagine this thrilling military journey with the added anticipation of buying your first home. Ralphaell’s home ownership story will strike a chord with you, filled with the excitement of finding the perfect house and navigating the real estate home buying process.

Our chat wrapped up with a detailed account of Ralphaell’s experience of buying a new build. Real estate agents, home inspections, and due diligence – we covered it all. A major takeaway was the importance of being your own advocate in the real estate sector. With Ralphaell’s journey as a backdrop, this episode is brimming with valuable insights, whether you’re a veteran dreaming of home ownership or someone fascinated by leadership and teamwork dynamics. So, join us, as we traverse the intertwined paths of military service and home ownership with Ralphaell.

Real Estate Military Realtors in San Diego chat with Navy Chief for this episode of RealVets

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0:00:07 – Nait
Well, we’re gonna roll right into it. Brian, you wanna give us the intro?

0:00:36 – Brian
Have we been recording this whole time? We have, I figured I like to do that. Welcome back to RealVet’s podcast. I’m your one of your hosts, brian. I got Nait with me and we have a guest with us, one of our past clients, active duty Navy kind of a f*#king badass, Ralphaell. Thanks for joining us, dude. Hey, man, I’m glad to be here.

0:00:54 – Ralphaell
Probably yeah man, I’m glad to be here with you guys.

0:00:57 – Brian
Yeah, so we’re starting up. Kind of what we do is just we’ll start with talking, telling your story some Navy experiences, what you’re doing now, and then we’ll kind of talk about your journey into home ownership, because you just bought your first house, right? Your badass house, by the way. It is f*#king sick. I love that house.

Yeah, man, that place is great. So, yeah, we’ll start with that and just kind of roll from there, if that’s cool with you. Yeah, it’s cool with me, man, all right. So let’s hear when are you from? Where’d you grow up Navy? When’d you join? What do you do? All that cool stuff? Let’s hear the story.

0:01:30 – Ralphaell
All right. So obviously I’m from Pennsylvania. All right, yeah, by State College, a place where Penn State’s at. So it’s crazy, because I wasn’t even thinking about joining Navy at all. Right, I was actually thinking about joining the Air Force because I got out while I graduated from college, 2012, and then literally I was thinking about, oh, oh sh*t, my dad served, my dad’s a Green Beret, my brother’s a certain army, uncles and grandparents serve. I was like f*#k, I felt like I needed to do my time. Sure.

0:02:10 – Brian
And they were probably all telling you, bro, join the Air Force or the Coast Guard.

0:02:15 – Ralphaell
I was like hey, man, use your head, use your brain. The Air Force or the Navy? There you go. So I was like you know what, let me go join the Air Force, all right. So it was 2012, 2013. 2013 is when I came in and I went there and f*#king dude man I don’t even want to put the dude’s name out there- but the Sergeant right. He was a tech sergeant, he was an E6 and this dude man, he was combat jackass, all right, so there was a jackass in the military.

0:02:46 – Speaker 4
No, he was combat jackass man because he was kind of cocky.

0:02:51 – Ralphaell
All right, so Air Force at the time was getting everybody I mean, they didn’t even have to, I guess, meet their quota for the month because they had so many people pumping in. So people were actually coming to him Instead of him coming to people. And then he was like, oh yeah, you know, like we have to, you know like pretty much do all this paperwork, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. And then he was like, hey, yeah, so you just got out of college. So, yeah, I’m sure you have student loans, so you have to. Like he was just giving me a run around, dude, and I’m like bro, like I’m not f*#king waiting, like he was like, yeah, it’d probably be like anywhere from like six to 10 months.

I’m like dude, I’m not doing that. And then the Navy recruiter right beside him was Thompson yeah, I was one Thompson and a dude came down to my house and was like, hey, man, join the Navy. Like I could get you in a boot camp, like next month. I was like man, shut up, I could get you like next month bro. He’s like we get you through maps and stuff like that. Like your scores are good, get you to maps, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Like got me through maps. And I swear to you, I got home. Yeah, remember I got home. And since I got home I just do call me. It’s like, hey, can you leave in like three weeks? I’ll say what.

0:04:04 – Brian
No, like what the f*#k. Are you being serious? Yeah you being serious.

0:04:07 – Ralphaell
Like three weeks, and he was like yeah, yeah, yeah, three weeks. Like can you have your like stuff, like everything you need to get done, Family time spending with them, Cool Go. I was like cool yeah.

0:04:22 – Brian
So yeah, zero minutes basically, yeah, like three weeks man it was.

0:04:26 – Ralphaell
I think it was like June 20th something or something like that, and then I went in man and then when I’m in boot camp that July which is good, because Great Lakes it gets cold as shit oh yeah, yeah. So I was fortunate because I was scheduled to actually go in January. It’s going to be cold as shit, yeah.

0:04:47 – Nait
All right.

0:04:49 – Ralphaell
So he was like yeah, july. I was like yeah, that’s perfect, dude, it’s warm you know still warm enough.

0:04:53 – Brian
Don’t have to deal with that freezing, cold weather.

0:04:55 – Ralphaell
Yeah, they’re great Like you know snow, you know effect and stuff like that. So I was like cool.

0:04:58 – Nait
I feel like it’s cold too. Yeah, but not, but not like negative 20 cold.

0:05:05 – Ralphaell
I don’t. There was guys I talked to man. There was guys that were saying, like it, dig in the negatives up there, allegedly like during the winter time that went through the winter. They said it sucked, it was just ass. That sounds f*#king terrible dude.

Good Lord, yeah, it was just brittle, yeah, and I was like dude, like. So I went through graduating stuff, went to a school I reported in San Diego, october 31st 2013. I just hit my 10 year birthday being here. Oh yeah, nice. Congrats. Yeah, you go. So I got orders to USS McCluskey at ship, all right.

0:05:45 – Brian
And then what’s your, what’s your job in the Navy.

0:05:47 – Ralphaell
So my rate is a bussiness mate. But the career path I had as a bussiness mate I really didn’t do bussiness stuff. I was on an expeditionary neighbor, especially word for your son, yeah, the house. So I kind of my career path. I got lucky. So I went on to ship doing like pretty much they say bussiness is like the grunts of like the Marine Corps or whatever it was, the grunts of the Navy. So just doing stuff there. 15 months later we decommissioned. Right, decommission is like when you get rid of your ship. Your ship is like they’re cannexing the whole damn ship.

0:06:27 – Brian

0:06:27 – Ralphaell
They’re going to make it to the reef, so to another Navy. They’re like, yeah, we’re giving it to the Mexican Navy. And then they blew it up and made it reef in Hawaii.

0:06:35 – Brian
Yeah Well, that’s what that’s. It’s common it’s either self-rescrab or scuttle to make an artificial reef or sell it. Sell it, give it to some other, some other military. That’s funny.

0:06:48 – Nait
Yeah, I think that’s hilarious. Can you imagine being the Mexican Navy? Yeah, we’re going to give you the ship and then you see him blow it up.

0:06:55 – Brian
I psyched Ladies you’re good f*#ker.

0:06:57 – Ralphaell
I think what, like? It was crazy about the whole thing, right, so you had to do for this, you had to do all this work, right so you had to make it look neat, and all this hours and shit, and then it blew it up. I’m like dude, I was wasting time. I was wasting my f*#king time.

0:07:12 – Brian
They pulled all this shit out and made it nice and squeaky clean, just for them to blow it up.

0:07:15 – Ralphaell
That’s awesome. I was like bro, you literally just wasting my time.

0:07:19 – Brian
Dude. I will say, though, watching, because I haven’t seen the Navy scuttle the ship ever, but I’ve, you know, watched YouTube videos and shit like that. I’ll go down the rabbit hole with that kind of stuff, and watching those big ass boats just fricking, get swallowed and disappear is f*#king crazy. Yeah, it just. It takes a while, it’s so much. It is such a big giant hunk of mats and then it just gets swallowed up and two seconds later you can’t even tell anything was there, nope, yep, no, it’s freaking wild, it’s crazy, yeah.

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0:07:48 – Ralphaell
And so they blew it up, I guess. But beforehand I got orders and I was in needs of the Navy and they’re like so everybody else, they went to another ship, right. And then, like my career counselor there said, yeah, dude, you know you’re eating nothing, you’re going to another ship, right. So we had this dream sheet and I’ll never forget, like I just fell now Shit Cause. He’s like oh yeah, like there’s no way. Like your career, obviously, yes, in the Navy’s hands, I get it. But there was like no ship for me at that time for my rank.

And Sarah found out to dream sheet and I handed in. My mentor was like hey, where’s your dream sheet? I was like, yeah, I gave it to this guy. I was like I don’t really know what I was filling out. He’s like, oh, f*#k that dude. And he’s like he walked down there, walked down to Peeway. He was like hey, where’s this dream sheet at? He’s like, oh, it’s right here. He grabbed the dream sheet, ripped that shit off. He was like here, go make another one. So I started filling it out from some expeditionary stuff and then I ended up going to Co Riveron and IB and then spent like four and a half years there. Small boats there was a boat captain, cool patrol boats, cruise service weapons, all that two 40s, many guns hanging out with the Swicks and the in the seals and stuff that was after that tour.

0:09:12 – Brian
Okay, that’s it, that tour.

0:09:13 – Ralphaell
But that tour we actually worked with you guys, the recon guys, nice, there’s a lot of stuff on, uh, my sister with the recon up in camp penalty, which was sick. The deployments did pump with them. That’s cool. Um, a few deployments, but yeah man. Then with that I went to NSW where it was sweet, the team guys and stuff like that Best leadership I I’ve seen. I mean, I had good leadership at riveron, but there, um Guys, I’ve ever watched Act of Valor.

0:09:45 – Nait
Yeah, yeah, so you know the main chief.

0:09:47 – Ralphaell
That was on that thing.

0:09:49 – Nait

0:09:49 – Ralphaell
Dave Hansen, that was my command. Match to you. Oh right, yes, is that?

0:09:52 – Brian
the movie with Robert De Niro and Cuba Gooding Jr. No, what am I thinking about? About the navy divers? Oh yeah, that’s uh.

0:10:02 – Ralphaell
Some other movie? Yeah, I’ll think over here in a second Um, but yeah, man, so Um, so yeah, he was like a phenomenal leader. Um, he was a man’s man the way like Just the dude always had a big old child, like had command corps, had big-ass child in his mouth and Old school. Maybe old school dude, Just old school like Just old school dude man and didn’t like you know then, like the co Um Brad Gary, that dude was just phenomenal, he’s at work on now.

But yeah, just phenomenal leaders. And, um, I love that tour man. It was three years. Uh, it was kind of weird because he had COVID. Um, We’ll leave that one. But uh, no man, like it was good, um, it was a good tour like they were For the guys you know, they took care of us. Um, it was sick man. And then now I’m at, uh, acb one, I’m driving these tugboats or whatever power mods, but yeah, um, well, you just picked up chief too, right.

0:11:15 – Speaker 4
Congratulations for that. Awesome made it through season, didn’t even die.

0:11:18 – Brian
What yes?

0:11:19 – Ralphaell
Yeah, that’s that. It’s crazy man Cause, like for, I guess, like for my well navy period, but for my time and my rate it’s rare to make it like under 10 and under. Yeah, I was gonna say and. I think I had a chance man Because I was going up with guys that had like ship experience, right, so they mainly like look at these guys rolling ships. And I’ve been on we called the brown side of navy and I ended up picking up first time up and I was like cool dude.

0:11:45 – Brian
f*#k, yeah, that’s awesome. I was kind of shocked but I was like, yeah, hell, yeah, kick ass and take names and do a good job dude, you know that’s all it is exactly so.

0:11:53 – Ralphaell
it was sick. That’s f*#king cool. What was the toughest or?

0:11:57 – Nait
weirdest thing that you had to do for uh chief season.

0:12:01 – Ralphaell
Oh, bro, so it’s a good question. Um, damn dude, there was, there was okay so. One thing I would disclose, so like they had pretty much Any information right, it’s kind of like I’m not gonna say the word hazing because we don’t haze.

0:12:24 – Speaker 4
But yeah, we don’t haze, but it’s voluntary. Yeah, it’s voluntary right.

0:12:28 – Ralphaell
So they Gave everybody this spoon, like a plastic spoon to put in your pocket, and it had this big-ass spoon, right. So they’re like, oh, when they’re giving you information, like, oh, you know you’re f*#ked up and da, da, da and they started like giving you all this information stuff. They’re like hold this spoon. It’s like a spoon feed you.

0:12:46 – Brian
So they just like.

0:12:48 – Ralphaell
And like you just got this big-ass spoon dude and they just like start spoon feeding you and shit like that. Like with all the pumping you with this information, you’re like oh shit.

Like you know it’s funny man Like, but yeah, it was, it was good, it was good. I just leadership wise and stuff like that. Um, actually, we went up to poor wine me to like the um, I guess they called cb olympics but it was like selection, like the seasons olympics, and then you had, like you know, you had people with gunnies, gunnies going through you know and uh, they actually have to, from what I’m told, they actually have to request through their chain of command, send up through the navy to actually go through that. And like there was some air force cats too, um, that you know we’re e7 and I guess, like from While I was talking, to like a couple of Marines or like dude, they’re like I wish every marine would go through this because Just the leadership part of it is very, very useful and it I mean it is.

Navy Chief Ralphaell and Tip of the Spear Real Estate Team

0:13:49 – Brian
It is, let’s go. I’ve heard that about about chief season from a few folks that Went through it and said it was just some of the best leadership training they’ve ever had. It is yeah it is.

0:13:59 – Ralphaell
I mean, I was kind of hard headed during it. You know, I got my ass a little kicked but um, yeah, man, it was a humbling, you know experience. So yeah, that’s awesome dude, oh yeah and that’s.

0:14:14 – Brian
I mean I think that’s great that the navy does that and that the guys that go through it, because you gain, you know you gain so much leadership traits, qualities, ideas, all this stuff. And when you can turn around and implement that to your junior guys, you know where they know that you know their welfare is, is your priority and that you’re you’re gonna make sure that they’re taken care of. When you have your subordinates that know that about you, they’ll f*#king move mountains for you. You know what I mean, dude.

0:14:41 – Ralphaell
That’s you hit the nail on the head, bro.

0:14:43 – Brian
You sure you wasn’t a chief, but uh no, they teach us that at Marine Corps boot camp.

0:14:48 – Ralphaell
Actually, no, that’s the nail on a head man, like I love how you said that because when you take care of your guys right, because I have a platoon and I’m lcp of their platoon and um, you know like I take care of my guys I try to like Not, you know, like shit down at the. You know like there’s leaders like to shit down and you know, try to shit on their guys and it’s like dude, like why do that? Yeah, I don’t need it, f*#king scream out, I’ll need y’all made, it’s need done, xyz, blue. And then when that gets done, I’m like okay, 1100, there ain’t shit else to do. Go home Really, yeah, go home. Just don’t drink, yeah, because I could call you back about 16,. You know, just don’t f*#king. You know God get stupid. But right, yeah, man, I mean, as long as you take care of your guys, your guys take care of you, man, and it’s all it. It should be about your guys when you’re at that level for sure, absolutely.

0:15:36 – Brian
That’s for sure. That’s yeah, and I think that that’s missed, and not just in the military world, but in the Civdiv as well that you know, and so many different organizations. That could be Amazing, that could do great, but all it takes is one bad apple somewhere up the chain of command just f*#ks it up for everybody.

0:15:52 – Ralphaell
You know what I mean. I’ve seen that so many times. I’ve seen that so many times you get.

0:15:57 – Brian
You get yourself at a duty station or whatever. That, um, whoever’s in charge of you is just kind of a shithead, like not looking out for you thinks it’s funny to f*#k with people then to help develop them and it’s just, it will take the wind out of your sails. You know, I know a lot of good people that were in the military, that had that were amazing Marines, sailors, whatever soldiers that were in doing great things and, you know, ready to light the world on fire. All it takes is one shithead in their chain of command that it f*#king ruins it, that just ruin, ruin your whole motivation. And that’s the people. That’s when good people that could do well for whatever organization I mean military or not that’s when those people find something else to do and find somewhere else to go Absolutely. You know what I mean Absolutely.

So it would be cool if there was, you know, especially with the military, a little bit more of a checks and balance thing with, like you know, leaders that you know, regardless of how they’re, how they’re doing, that if everybody was to get evaluated by not just their Peers and their leadership but also by their subordinates.

That should be, I think, a part of all this stuff, because if some subordinates says, you know, hey, this guy’s being a dirtbag, you know, I know nobody, nobody f*#king likes this guy or this gal or whatever. Nobody likes this person in our chain of command because of x, y and z, well, maybe not to use that information to punish people or fire them or whatever, unless it’s like necessary, unless it’s some like real bad shit. But I feel like stuff like that helps their leadership to be able to love on them, spend more time on them, help them Develop as a better leader, rather than just letting them, you know, run amok and absolutely get people you know get people f*#king Demotivated and get them to get the f*#k out of the military rather than, you know, making a great making career moves, you know, yeah, and that’s like.

0:17:51 – Ralphaell
So the navy actually has a thing that happens, like I believe, once, yeah, no, at least once a year, annually. It’s called command climate survey and it’s anonymous, right?

so supposedly, supposedly, not Like you know, like they could kind of figure out who you are maybe you know just by your rate and stuff like that. But all right, but, um, dude, there’s like it comes out and then like everybody from e1 to like, oh, whatever, four or five, whatever can like just rip into this thing, like just just fill it out. And just fill it out, I mean even a person you can name whoever you want Like okay, this guy’s a dirt bag, blah, blah, blah, blah. And I actually have seen it work. Believe it or not, I have seen it work. Where they’re like okay, like this person needs to go. Yeah, like you know, this person’s a dirt bag. It’s unanimous across. You know, like the command this guy’s a dirt bag, let’s get rid of him. I have seen it. Actually, we just did one like a month ago.

0:18:53 – Brian
Really yeah.

0:18:55 – Ralphaell
So it’s it actually helps. I’m not sure the Marine Corps does that, but oh hell no.

0:18:59 – Brian
They I mean the Marine Corps don’t get all the time they do, which is cool. Something else, yeah, it’s called f*#king fracking your guys. No, no, that never happens in the Marine Corps, never.

0:19:09 – Ralphaell
Yeah they definitely start doing that. As far as I’ve been in, as long as I’ve been in, I’ve known they have done it Like every year. Every command I’ve been at they’ve done it, but yeah.

0:19:18 – Brian
That’s cool.

0:19:19 – Ralphaell
I just like rip into the person, just like okay, so that’s messed up, this is messed up.

0:19:24 – Brian
That could be a double-edged sword too, because that could be a career-ender thing for somebody that’s just got a problem with somebody else.

0:19:30 – Ralphaell

0:19:31 – Brian
Absolutely yeah. So you ever seen that kind of stuff happen too.

0:19:34 – Ralphaell
Yeah, so like they’re pretty good at filtering which is you know bullshit and which is not bullshit, which you know you’re like, okay, whoever’s saying this, they could kind of figure it out. Okay, yeah, this individual, whatever they came from this platoon.

0:19:51 – Brian
okay, it might have some shit back. Might already be having some problems with that person?

0:19:55 – Ralphaell
Absolutely, yeah, I got you. So they do a pretty good job at filtering. That’s cool.

0:20:00 – Brian
So Anonymous, anonymous Anonymous. And quotations, yeah, quotations, that’s funny dude. Yeah, cool man. So that’s, I mean you’re freaking already. We used to. What f*#king 10 years in you’re already chief 10 years in. Yes, f*#king kicking ass, you’re gonna be the what is it? The command master chief of the Navy in a couple years, dude. So, like one of my guys, it’s like six months out, right, it’s funny man.

0:20:22 – Ralphaell
Last night one of my old dudes man. He was in charge of me. He was in first class when we went through ECS. He was like an OPO slash squad leader at the time and he literally was like. He told me last night he was like he do, so he commissioned, right. So he went from. There’s a program, you went from ECS. Well, he went through OCS. He didn’t go through LDO, he went through actual, you know, ocs.

0:20:43 – Brian
Became an actual, not an LDO.

0:20:46 – Ralphaell
Yeah, so he full-fledged officers will attend it now and I believe he’s about to put on a note for it. Nice. But he was like yeah, dude. He was like, hey, man, he’s like you made chief in 10 years. He’s like you know what? How about this? I’ll be in CNO and you be the mick pond. I mean, maybe I’m like, bro, you’re going too far. I don’t know about that, mick pond.

0:21:09 – Brian
Yeah, we’ll see. Yeah, we’ll see what you think about it in like two years when you’re like getting the master chief. I’m like freaking, living that E8 life, living that E9 life. And they’re like hey, man, you want to be in charge of everything. Yeah, I know about that. Yeah, that’s funny dude. Well, f*#king good for you, dude.

0:21:27 – Nait
I’m still for you. I appreciate you guys.

0:21:29 – Brian
Knowing who you are as a person, there’s no surprise to me that you’ve f*#king done as well as you have, so yeah, man so let’s talk about house stuff, right, heck, yeah. So when we first started talking, you guys were. It was you that were looking for. Basically, idea was to buy a house, right, absolutely. So how did you find us, how did that whole thing go before we started looking at houses?

0:21:52 – Ralphaell
Okay. So one of the I was so just a backup backtrack. So one of my guys, right, he went platoon. He was a at the time, both first classes. He’s still I mean good dude, great dude, and he was like, yeah, man, he was like, bro, you’re gonna be here for like almost like six years. Right, you’ve been in San Diego for 10 years.

Like buy a house, yeah, like renting, I get you know renting and stuff like that. He said, but you’re just paying somebody else’s pretty much Shit. So he was like, hey, man, just think about getting a house. Like cause, dude, he just got a house. He’s like bro, I’m telling you just like I promise you get a house.

It was his second house. He was like just get a house. He said I promise you you’re gonna be happy. He’s like cause, if you don’t get one, especially in California, he’s like it’s gonna pass you by, you know, and the opportunity will pass you by and you’re gonna be like shit, I wish I would have bought like five years ago, right, and I was like, okay, cool. So I didn’t know how to go about that process. There was oh man, I’m trying to think of the first people I called who’s like the militant, like the normal, I guess, shit, I can’t even remember those people, goodness. Anyway, I called these people and they’re like hey, you know, started sending me like I guess like a realtor and stuff like that agent and stuff like that, and I just kind of feel like they’re full of it. So good thing I did forget the name, cause I’m gonna blast them.


0:23:25 – Nait
But I think we know who you’re talking about.

0:23:28 – Ralphaell
Yeah, I was like just the waiter doing it. I didn’t like it. And then friend Teresa, Teresa for this, yeah, Another one of our past clients. Yes, they recommended you guys.

0:23:41 – Brian
Yeah, and Carlos Carlos, yeah, navy or army reservists, army reservists, f*#king badass dude yeah, great people.

0:23:48 – Ralphaell
Yeah, hell, yeah they are. And they recommended you guys and they were like, yeah, he’s a Marine. I was like, oh, hell, yeah, you know like former vet, you know like cool, like you do some Marines, so cool.

0:23:59 – Brian
I know he’s gonna be asked me, he eats crayons and throws people Right.

0:24:03 – Ralphaell
I was like he’s sick and then I was telling about you as well. Nate was like, yeah, he’s an Army. I was like cool. I was like yeah, heck, yeah. So it gave me your number. I think I’m pretty sure I shot you a text, was it? I think you’re right. Yeah, I think I shot you a text and you’re like, yeah, dude, you know it starts setting me up and, bro, it’s crazy Just to think like how the process started, because I was like iffy. I think it was like around this time. Yeah, it was around this time last year. I was like iffy but, like you know, start, you know, talking to Brian and start talking to you guys was real comfortable because it was just like we can relate.

0:24:41 – Brian

0:24:41 – Ralphaell
But within the service, like we can relate and just you know bullshit, but like it was just crazy man, just like how the whole process happened and then got with Kyle and it you know the Lennon part you guys made everything super easy. Glad to hear your house, Just like cause went from looking at all these houses and.

0:25:05 – Nait
I was like yeah. I want this one. I want this one.

0:25:07 – Ralphaell
And then like get buttered like damn Missed out, you know so I’m gonna shut out. But dude, just I am very fortunate and like blessed for you guys, man, like just how you guys just like walked me through that whole process Cause I didn’t know what the you know like house, like I I’m a kid that came from a project. I never seen a like a house Like, even like a basement low-loan a basement or anything like that.

0:25:36 – Nait
To be fair, even if you’re in the suburbs, nobody knows the buying process for the first time.

0:25:42 – Ralphaell
No clue, that’s true.

0:25:44 – Brian
I was in the same boat when my wife and I bought our first house together. I was like all I knew is it’s a lot of money and that was it.

0:25:55 – Ralphaell
Yeah that’s all it is. So you know what I mean. Exactly.

0:25:57 – Brian
Eventually, you know, you get paired up with somebody. Good, they, you know, walk you through the process and stuff Cause we sat down, before we even looked at any houses, we sat down and talked to right.

0:26:05 – Nait
Like went through the whole console thing and so we can make sure that you know.

0:26:10 – Brian
We always try to explain the whole process as well as we can and make sure that we get you know, know what you guys are looking for and all that kind of stuff. So and then we went shopping, went and looked at a bunch of properties saw a couple of new builds that looked pretty cool.

0:26:23 – Ralphaell
And dude, that’s you know what. When we did head out whole consultation I’m meeting that likes to letify like my trust in you guys, because it was very in depth, it was two hours long, like it was no BS, and you just knew like, oh shit, like this is how you know it works, and I was like dude, like I walked out of that door. I never forget I walked out of the door, walked to my car that’s when you guys were gonna stand to you and I was like Dude, like I trust these guys.

You know, what I mean, like I have full trust in these guys and, yeah, let’s do this thing. And, like you said, we sat down, we went shopping, looking at some sick houses up in the Marietta area and then if you’re a sick house, yeah, really b*tch. And bought yes sick houses, that’s.

0:27:08 – Brian
That’s the thing with that area, man. I mean it’s a drive, but what you get up there versus what you get down here, that’s so much more bang for your buck. Yes, because so a lot of like Temecula, Murietta, Wildomar, Winchester, you know that whole area, Menifee, that whole area. It’s urban sprawl from San Diego County because we don’t have any more (real estate)land here to develop, same thing with Orange County, and then it’s a lot of people from LA too that it’s just so overcrowded and so expensive in these All moving down there.

Exactly, so a lot of people started moving into the desert, right, and which back then was the desert. I mean, it’s still technically the desert, but it’s all suburbia now, you know. But but that’s, I think, why that that whole area started developing is because too many people, not enough houses, right, so a lot of people started pushing (real estate) up there. But this is just in the last like 20, 30 years, right, we started. I think most of the developments in Temecula started in like the 90s. There were houses out there before that, obviously, but I mean, you even see it now like dude Lake Elsinore has a whole bunch of really b*tchin properties now which 20 years ago if you had seen that place, you’d have been like, oh my God, get me out of here. You know what I?

0:28:23 – Nait
mean, but yeah that’s wild.

0:28:25 – Brian
How much. But too, with that, all these properties are newer. They’re nicer. Yes, they are, you know, and you guys yeah, you ended up getting a b*tching f*#king house with basically a granny flat which, like a built in ADU (real estate), you guys got a big ass yard. Freaking place was brand new.

0:28:43 – Nait
Like it wasn’t even completely finished yet. No, yeah, it wasn’t.

0:28:48 – Ralphaell
And then, like the sixth thing about it too, was like they bought the solar yeah.

0:28:52 – Brian
Yeah, oh, wow.

0:28:53 – Ralphaell
Yeah, they end up buying the solar like the builder.

0:28:56 – Brian
Nice, remember that.

0:28:57 – Ralphaell
Yeah, that’s, yeah, yeah, I remember that you talked about that.

0:29:01 – Nait
So you got solar included on your, on your home.

0:29:03 – Ralphaell
Yeah, so like they. So because I guess like one for some reason, there was two homes like that. There was one across the street like cat a cat, a corner to my house and like my house and literally like the two senators were that if you buy the house, they will buy the solar. And I was like and I remember Brian was like, I want to see that shit in black and white.

f*#king, prove it, you know, put your money where your mouth is and do like they bought it and like you know, and then also gave credit as well, and it was just like dude, like I wouldn’t been able, I think, out of like just how shopping, and I think I wouldn’t been able to do it without you guys for sure. Just because how you guys are so meticulous and doing things you know methodical, and how you doing doing stuff that do like I guess, yes, I would recommend you guys. Anybody. You get everybody You’re gonna have to say something like talk a little shit about us there’s nothing in there, sh*t to talk about.

My head is not going to fit in this. There’s no shit to talk about you guys because you guys are no bullshit guys. You know like you guys give it to, you know, you give it real, you know and you guys are real honest, real, our biggest honest you can be.

0:30:30 – Brian
I appreciate that. Thanks for the awesome words. Biggest thing for us, and with this team and with this company, is I don’t want you to call me two, three, six months down the line and be like dude, why did you talk us into buying this house? This place f*#king sucks, right.

So everything that could be a potential issue, like even the drive to and from right we talked about that a whole bunch of times you know the drive to and from San Diego up to where you bought it, was like hey, dude, this is going to be a long drive. Are you sure Cool with it? And I’m pretty sure I said, in six months from now are you going to be driving home beating your head against the steering wheel, wondering why you bought up here? And you were like Nope, like okay, Roger, that, but you know that’s. That’s kind of stuff’s important to talk about, right. Like absolutely what, not just what you want, but where you want and how far you know what said next, like realistic expectations, because you know as well as anybody else, especially living up there now, that drive on Friday afternoon from down here to up there Sucks.

0:31:31 – Ralphaell
Sucks, yeah, it sucks. So much traffic Dude, I just put on some podcasts and called it a day. There you go, you know, and then it got so used to it, it’s just like you know it’s not bad. Yeah, it’s really not bad.

0:31:45 – Brian
And then like well, next you just got to get a motorcycle, so you just f*#king split right there.

0:31:49 – Ralphaell
Exactly I was just talking to my one. My boy is about that. Last week, man, I was like I gotta get a bike. Yeah, I want to get a motorcycle, I just got a fun.

0:31:56 – Brian
Yeah, they’re blast. I just got a new one. I just got a. Indian FTR 1200 f*#king rally. The thing is so fast. Oh my God, I love that bike.

0:32:05 – Nait
It would suit you too. Yeah, I mean just the way it looks, the height of it too, because you guys are both tall.

0:32:12 – Ralphaell
Right, yeah, let’s see oh yeah, picture.

0:32:15 – Brian
It’s. I love that bike. But anyway yeah get one so you can start riding with us. I go riding all the freaking time. If you get a dirt bike to I’m just throwing this out there you also get a dirt bike. Now we can go do some fun shit in the desert and up.

0:32:28 – Ralphaell
Oh yeah, man, oh dude, there was like guys like you know, that road right behind the house. I don’t know if you’ve seen it, they’re right behind us. People rip and run like their dirt bikes and like can dance behind her all the time. Oh yeah, I bet. Well, that’s the amount.

0:32:45 – Brian
That’s a lot of up there. Most of the people up there are off-roaders, or the big chunk of people up there. It’s just like East County, san Diego, where I live, that a lot of us are off-roaders. It’s huge up there too. You know, back in the day, when everybody that’s adults now, that owns houses and shit, now back in the day there was nothing out there, nothing to do, so it was either spend all your money on off-road toys or a meth One of the other. You know what I mean. So there’s there’s a lot of dudes that you know got really into that kind of stuff too. So yeah, it’s, it’s so much fun.

0:33:15 – Nait
But going back to your talking about us being relentless and and methodical, so many times Brian will tell me he’s like hey, get a hold of this person, get a hold of this agent. Right, do not hang it up for the day until you get a hold of them. So text email call. There’s been a few times where I’ve had to get a hold of people and they’re not answering text calls. I’ve driven to their place. So, yeah, we don’t stop.

0:33:45 – Ralphaell
Yeah, I know, you guys are.

0:33:46 – Nait
We don’t quit.

0:33:48 – Brian
We just had that with the real estate deal that we had down in Point Loma. We were trying to get a hold of an HOA and they just would not answer their phone, wouldn’t answer text, wouldn’t answer emails, no voicemails, no callbacks, no, nothing. Here we’re trying to sell this property and we needed some answers from these guys and they were just completely f*#king ghosting us. So, Nait, I had him go down to the office. I was like here’s f*#king found him on Google. Go down to the property management’s office and don’t leave until somebody gives you information Straight up. He was there for like f*#k half hour, 45 minutes before they finally got us like squared away. But they kept telling him we can’t help you, you gotta email us. We can’t help you, you gotta email us. Dude, we’ve been emailing you, you don’t answer your f*#king email. So here I am.

You’re right, yeah you sure, give us our shit, yeah so hey, sometimes you gotta pound a f*#king round peg in a square hole, and sometimes you gotta use a sledgehammer a little bit of f*#king C4, baby.

0:34:46 – Nait
I like that shit work. I went full Karen mode and said, hey, I need to speak with your supervisor, Did you? And then I got that other guy Nice dude.

0:34:55 – Ralphaell
Hell yeah, got all.

0:34:56 – Brian
Karen on it when you guys want to get something done.

0:34:58 – Ralphaell
you know you have to do what you gotta do f*#king, hey.

0:35:01 – Brian
Well, we don’t got time to sit around all f*#king day. We’ve been trying to get all those guys for weeks at that point. That’s bullshit. So anyway, but that’s another story. So we ended up getting you into a brand new house yes, brand new build. The development was still. There was still a lot of house that are being built in your neighborhood. So we went through the actual builders. They had a realtor there so we talked to them, went with their contracts, all that kind of stuff. So kind of talk about that a little bit how that went with them, cause there was few things like home inspection, for example.

That they didn’t even want to let us do Exactly. Yeah, it was kind of sketch, yeah.

0:35:38 – Ralphaell
So yeah, there was a home inspection that they literally did not want us to do. And then, like I said, you guys were relentless yeah, screw that, dude, we’re getting their inspector in there. I don’t give a you know problems that I don’t give a shit what they think. We’re getting their inspector in there, we’re getting them in there and they’re like, you know, it was kind of like back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, and then they like they pretty much like, okay, they were finally like okay, okay, okay.

You guys can, you guys can get in there and have your real estate inspector again. And they’re like, wow, you know already have an inspector in there. Like no dude, like we want our own.

0:36:11 – Brian
Yeah, we want our guy. I don’t trust you, you need an unbiased opinion. Yes.

0:36:16 – Nait
Unbiased inspector.

0:36:18 – Brian
That’s a good thing we f*#king did too, yes.

0:36:20 – Ralphaell
There was a lot of shit that was like that needed fix or that was like wired wrong. All these those wires.

0:36:27 – Brian

0:36:28 – Ralphaell
Like you’re like what the hell is this?

0:36:30 – Brian
Why is there just wires? Why is there just wires? And the garage, and then the granny flat that had the where the washer dryer go that just had no ventilation, no drainage no, we’re like what the f*#k, dude, how are you supposed to put a washer dryer in here? And then what vented to nothing. You know what I mean. So there was a lot of shit that we had to get them to do, but they were. They were kind of like well, what do you want to? Home inspection is brand new.

0:36:55 – Ralphaell
Yeah, so I don’t care if it’s brand new, brand new, yeah, people, you know, people don’t do shit thoroughly.

0:37:00 – Brian
Sometimes dudes are working on some project and it’s four o’clock on a Friday and they want to go home and start smashing beers and they’ll just f*#k with it.

Whip something together, just rig it up. However it looks good-ish. Hopefully nobody notices and they’re gone. So but that’s, I think, something that a lot of people don’t do or don’t think about when they’re buying a brand new house is getting their own home inspection in there.

And a lot of times too, you know, new build like builders, there’s really great ones and there’s really shitty ones. Just like in, just like real estate agents, just like, you know, sailors, just like anybody in any industry, there’s really really great dudes out there to really really bang up job. And then there’s some really really shitty ones that just slap some lipstick on a pig and call it good. You know what I mean, absolutely. So luckily, your builders were the former. They were awesome. I think they did a really good job. I mean, they tried to do builder people stuff where they were like, you know, kind of short cut at a couple of things here and there. But, you know, and they really didn’t want us like I had a lot of conversations with them.

Well, why do you want a home inspection? Because that’s why it’s called due diligence. My client has the right to that. You know what I mean. So a lot of people. When they go into new builds, they won’t bring an agent in because they think they’re just per talking with the person at the desk or whatever. That person at the desk is a real estate agent, whatever they call themselves, a sales associate or manager or whatever. That person is a licensed real estate agent who does not work for you. Yep Frickin’. The real estate builders pay in their paycheck, the builders the one that they work for, so they’re gonna look out for the builders themselves.

0:38:37 – Ralphaell
Not the buyer. Look out for the boss.

0:38:38 – Brian
Right, exactly Not the buyer. So a lot of people will go to builders, and builders don’t always like it when real estate agents are involved. You know representing buyers because we know what to look for, we know what questions to ask, we know how to read contracts. That’s kind of a thing too. A lot of people will glaze over a contract and just be like, okay, whatever, sign, sign, sign and not forget about some of this shit like what we were talking about earlier, like show me in writing that it’s gonna say that solar’s paid for, which conveniently wasn’t in the first version of the contract.

0:39:08 – Nait
No, I remember that.

0:39:09 – Brian
Not enough, yeah, but I think it was good that we were able to be there for you to make all that shit happen too, and just make sure that we had your six for everything, just because of the fact that, like you know, let’s say, we didn’t get a home inspector in and none of that shit got caught and you just took possession of that house and now it’s your problem. That sucks. You know what I mean. So I think that’s just the message that I wanna put out there to people if they’re looking at new builds, make sure you have somebody representing you Absolutely, and make sure your dudes do diligence, cause just cause it’s brand new doesn’t mean it was built right Absolutely. You know what I mean. Look at Ford trucks.

0:39:44 – Ralphaell
Oh, for example, To an old day.

0:39:47 – Brian
Look at a Ford transmission. I’m gonna get sued, whatever f*#k it. Look every Ford that I’ve ever owned, f*#king tranny shit out so 400,000 miles.

Every single one of them never f*#king fails. Anyway, to my point, not to throw Ford under the bus or anything, cause they make some dope ass vehicles, whatever, but to my point, it doesn’t matter how good of a job it looks like somebody did, you don’t know what’s inside that transmission. You don’t know what’s inside those walls. You know what I mean, absolutely. So it’s good to freaking. Make sure that, regardless that you do your due diligence, make sure all the components of the house are working correctly, and the best way to do that is to get your own home inspector and don’t take no for an answer from nobody.

0:40:28 – Ralphaell
That’s why you guys are relentless.

That’s why we’re here, bro, dude, it was just like you know, going back to that, what you’re saying, just like make sure you do your due diligence. Like I mean for the folks out there, I definitely would say, like definitely do your due diligence, because there was shit that I mean me, I don’t know much, obviously, about homes at the time and I was just like you know, oh cool, it’s a brand new home, oh, you know, like it might be some stuff, you know, like not being naive, I’m not naive but there was like shit that I wouldn’t even known, if you know, you guys pointed out, you know, and then the home inspector was like, yeah, dude, this, yeah this just messed up.

0:41:11 – Brian
Why is this here? Why is that here?

0:41:13 – Ralphaell
And I’m like, oh shit, why isn’t that here?

0:41:15 – Brian
Why isn’t that?

0:41:16 – Ralphaell
Like dude, it was just. The whole process was just like. It was easy. It wasn’t like a headache. The biggest headache was just get frustrated about like you see a sick house and you’re like okay, I want this house and you know that doesn’t work out. Yeah, get beat.

0:41:37 – Brian
Yeah, the head is that was back in a time where the (real estate) market was that way too, where it was, you find a nice house that’s reasonably priced, and they still had were getting maybe not like 50 offers, like we saw in 2020, but they were still getting five or six offers and we’re still having to compete for it, right? So, getting the place that you got, because it’s a little bit further from the freeway, and the fact that it was still in development, all that stuff and they didn’t have any waiting lists or anything I think that was all stuff that benefited you. So we didn’t. We were able to like negotiate a little bit better with them to get you the stuff you wanted and all that. It was sick man.

0:42:12 – Ralphaell
Yeah, that was cool, that was a good one, cause they were like, oh yeah, I think they said it was sitting there cause they were still developing in, and then they were like, oh yeah, nobody had like even tried to like look at the house for like four or five months or something like that?

0:42:24 – Brian
Yeah, and didn’t they have somebody that was gonna buy it, that bailed or something?

0:42:27 – Ralphaell
Yeah, I think the person bailed and then like next thing, you know, like you guys did comps and then we started putting our offers in, and then, like there was like all of a sudden six, seven people like oh, I don’t want this house now. I’m like no man yeah negative.

0:42:41 – Brian
Now you can f*#k those people out of the house. So how’s it been so far? First time buying a house, you’ve been in there for almost a year, right?

0:42:51 – Ralphaell
Getting close right Like six months. Oh okay, yeah, six months, yeah, six months. No, it was longer than that.

0:42:57 – Nait
Well, we started the process about a year ago. Yeah, a year ago.

0:42:59 – Ralphaell
Yeah, we started the process about a year ago.

0:43:02 – Brian
So how’s it been now? You’ve been a whore for six months, You’re settled in. It’s been good man.

0:43:07 – Ralphaell
It’s been good. It’s just like I said, it’s been good. The dog loves it, the pup loves it, he loves running back there. It’s been good. Man, it’s just like sometimes I like no bullshit. I wake up. It’s like a surreal feeling, man. I’m like dude, like oh, this is crazy. Yeah, it’s my house. Like it’s no HOA, I can do whatever the hell I want. It’s my house.

And I sit there, like every time. I say that because I sit there and think of you, because, brian, because you’re like dude, like HOA, like you’re like I don’t want anybody telling me what to do with my house, and it’s just like dude, like I can, just because I’m trying to actually get a power act to put in my you know, the storage spot in the garage, trying to get a freaking power act to put in there, and some guy like the Selma one or something like that, and I was trying to get it. It was like I guess he lives in like Hemet and like he haven’t answered me back. So I’m about to just like screw it, I’m just shot by one and just put one in there.

0:44:04 – Brian
But besides the point.

0:44:06 – Ralphaell
It’s just that waking up and knowing that you own something, right Cause my parents, they were never homeowners, you know what I mean. They have always rented. And it was just like dude, like I’m the first one in my immediate family Well, I’m not first one, my brother is, but I’m always brother. But you know, just like dude, like I own something that I can call them on. Yeah.

So I can like Wake up, knowing that you know like if I want to do something to my house, I can develop the yard. I want to pull back there. f*#k, yeah, well, hello, and I’m trying to let us know when it’s in dude, so like there’s like a bunch of people, obviously, that do stuff like that and I’m just trying to find a best person, you know what I mean like that, because I want to do a patio and like all that stuff do the whole backyard.

Up and probably make a small dog run for beamer.

0:45:01 – Brian
There you go. I might have a guy for you, heck. Yeah, we’ll get. We’ll get. I’ll get back with you after we’re done with the podcast here, but I might have a guy for you for your backyard Heck yeah, yeah, same same guy that I was telling you about.

0:45:18 – Ralphaell
He’s solid. Have a pool, cuz it gets hot as shit out there. Oh f*#k, yeah, dude like a hundred. I think the highest I’ve seen was 110.

0:45:27 – Brian
I was gonna say you just survived your first summer out there. Yeah, it wasn’t bad.

0:45:31 – Ralphaell
Yeah, I thought it was gonna be worse, but it’s like I’ve been, you know, over in Middle East, where it’s way harder.

0:45:36 – Brian
Oh, yeah, this ain’t shit. I remember one day, and that was in Iraq in 2004. I remember one day looking at a thermometer that we had outside in one of the buildings, in the shade on the north side of the Building, so like the Sun’s to the south right. f*#king what does it say? 138 degrees.

0:45:53 – Nait
Oh, yeah, yeah that’s just, and that was a Tuesday. Yeah, big deal.

0:45:59 – Brian
Just a regular hot in line Ramadi, like Jesus Christ yeah. So it’s funny like too, cuz I live in, I live in Santini and it gets like a hundred hundred five there.

0:46:08 – Nait
Yeah, I guess f*#king hot, but I’m like outside like this, ain’t shit.

0:46:15 – Ralphaell
Dude, especially when you have like your kid on and yeah, it’s hot as shit. I’m damn dude, you just get used to it. Yeah, when drops out of 90s you’re wearing a damn f*#king like Thermal shit. Yeah, like people, like do it was like 95s wearing thermals. Yeah, yeah.

0:46:30 – Brian
That’s funny. Getting home from that, we got home from our deployment. I want to say it was like I Don’t know, maybe around October, november or something like that and back in Southern California.

I’m from here originally, so back in Southern California, and it’s this weather we’re having right now. It’s freaking in the 80s, feels great outside. Yeah, dude, pants, jacket All my friends are walking around in shorts and flip-flops, like what the f*#k’s wrong with you? I’m like what was out of place? That was a hundred and f*#king 15 degrees, like I don’t know 72 hours ago. Yeah, it’s f*#king cold out. Okay, that’s funny. It’s a little bit of time to climb. It ties back, but you figure it out Absolutely. But yeah, that’s that’s no doubt, man, and I’ll think about that shit sometimes too, when it gets hot, like Absolutely, it’s hot in Iraq you know yeah it’s hot and I’m not shit and I’m not wearing boots and pants and a blouse and f*#king flackin kevlar.

I don’t have my f*#king pack on and I’m not carrying 90 pounds of gear, walking f*#king miles and miles and miles through a town when everybody f*#king hates me like this. Ain’t that bad. I’m gonna go jump in my pool.

0:47:33 – Ralphaell
It’s funny, as you say, because I’ve just seen, like I was at During a field X, a khaki field X effects up in Camp Pendleton just recently. Just got back last night but, dude, there was like a bunch of infantry Marines. I looked over side where they’re just humping, you know, like here, and that they look on this dude’s face man.

0:47:52 – Brian
He’s like.

0:47:53 – Ralphaell
He’s like this f*#king sucks. I was like bro. I know you just see it in his face, man, he’s like f*#k that’s too funny.

0:48:02 – Brian
We put ourselves through you man.

0:48:04 – Ralphaell
Yeah, so he had all this gear and I was like damn. But yeah, man, back to the house. Dude, yeah, the first summer it’s not bad, yeah, oh yeah, that’s what I was gonna tell you guys. Man, the community it’s actually phenomenal, bro. Like, oh, the neighbors are f*#king like. A bunch of neighbors actually are X Military cool just a bunch of them around.

0:48:25 – Brian
Got a bunch of vets in your law enforcement as well, too.

0:48:29 – Ralphaell
And Uh, dude, like to camaraderie. They just had like a Halloween bash, like a couple weeks ago, and they always like, put on like these barbecues or something. There’s something they’re always going on in that community, that’s awesome. And then like knock on your door and they like, hey, dude, like hang out flowers and say, hey, man, just like come to this gathering or whatever. Like that Bro, like they look out for each other, like everybody looks out for each other, and it’s pretty sick. They even have a Facebook page and I was like shit your neighbor has a.

Facebook Dude, they have a Facebook page it’s not even fully developed in like. They added me on it and I was like okay. All right this. This is sick. Do they have their?

0:49:05 – Nait
own t-shirts, yet.

0:49:06 – Ralphaell
No, I don’t know. You might have to start.

0:49:11 – Nait
I don’t say because Brian’s neighborhood they have t-shirts.

0:49:14 – Brian
Yeah, we’re the same dude, our neighborhoods, all. We’re all friends. We’re all around the same age, we’re all real good friends with each other, and I mean we all party together, we go out to the desert together, we all go camping together and potlucks all the time, and we’re always everybody’s always at somebody’s house or whatever, and it’s it’s just.

0:49:31 – Ralphaell
I love having that sense of camaraderie, you know, just like to look out, you know, for your fellow man, fellow brother, fellow sister, and it’s just like you know, they got your back, you got your back.

you know, and they do like how I met my cross street neighbor was like Amazon package to camping, you know, on doorbells, hey dude, this is your package all. By the way, you know, brad, I’m just right here, you know. Hey, man, if you ever need anything, you know I’m here, or whatever, and just shot the shit for like at least an hour and stuff like that, and I’m just like cool man, that’s dope, that’s awesome, it’s dope. And then, like my neighbor right beside me, actually his son is trying to become a sheriff up there, riverside County sheriff, and I mean, they’re great people and they knocked it on. You know they have to do interviews and stuff, like the neighbors and stuff like that. He’s a good dude man. Yeah, it works hard, he’s always working, and shit like that.

0:50:20 – Brian
Hell yeah, you didn’t tell. You didn’t tell him to, like, Tell those neighbors to give you a hundred bucks and then, yeah, I’ll give him a skating rink 100 bucks.

0:50:33 – Ralphaell
No man but no, they’re solid man, like the whole community itself. They’re still building houses there. I think they’re almost done. I want to say, okay, cool, January or February timeframe. But dude, the community’s sick. I mean, like I said, it’s and they’re building on. If you guys been up there lately, they’re building like across street as well, houses Across the road as well. Okay, it’s just, it was all that was all dirt when you bought. Yeah, this is all dirt.

0:51:04 – Brian
No, it’s just like, because a lot of to it was rained a few times. Oh, we’re up there. A member cuz f*#king smashed my truck through some of those.

0:51:13 – Ralphaell
Oh yeah, dude, we’re gonna take this back road. That’s just develop, bro.

0:51:16 – Brian
No way, yeah that road is developed.

0:51:19 – Ralphaell
That’s fun, it’s just crazy.

0:51:21 – Brian
That was a fun road, cuz like Google Maps was telling me to go one direction. I was like what happens when you cut your muffler off? Your truck, I guess, anyway. But yeah, we went down. I was like dude, we’re going right there. Why is this thing trying to route us all the way around? Cuz it’s a dirt road. Yeah, don’t work out very well. I like dirt roads, that was fun. Whole positive down there too Are they really oh cool, good so you’re gonna have about a seven. Everything a little bit closer to you.

0:51:51 – Ralphaell
Yeah, it’s crazy, man, her whole. Like I was talking to somebody yesterday saying that the whole area I guess, um, it’s being developed pretty fast like they’re trying to just build up Do my area down in French Valley. I didn’t realize like Winchester stretched out like that far, because we’re like a After most restaurant age of it. Mm-hmm and then, like it stretches out to like Marietta and like parts of to Macklin. Yeah, yeah, it goes way out there. I’ll say it goes way out there, but there’s a lot of shit that they’re building like.

0:52:25 – Nait
That’s good for you, it’s good, it’s gonna bring more value to your.

0:52:28 – Ralphaell
Yeah, I think my house just went out by like 25,000 probably. Yeah, that’s him.

0:52:34 – Brian
that’s since you bought the markets gone up, so I’m not surprised to hear that at all. Sick. So what would you? What kind of advice would you have if somebody was in your shoes a year ago, right, thinking about buying a house, thinking about you know, want to want to get a piece of the pile, that stuff, and Don’t really know where to start, don’t really know what to do? What advice would you give somebody that’s in that situation? What kind of things should they watch out for? All that kind of stuff?

0:53:04 – Ralphaell
I would. I would say do your own research right and then try to shop for realtors right and compare, and then you know obviously like if they talk to me I’m recommend going straight to you guys. Like talk to these guys appreciate it Um for sure, like for the audience. I would say like, make sure you’re shopping, spend specifically, and I’m not paying me for this, I’m not getting shit out of this, oh yeah we’ll see where this car Alice yeah, I promise you.

But I would say, start with these two guys, right, and then have that consultation, because I’m about thousand percent sure not every Realtor has that consultation that you guys have most people have.

I’m pretty sure they don’t do it, because I talked to people only you guys ain’t have. No, no, like I had a guy that I just actually got out of their house, lost, you know, lost her money. That’s just because, like, the realtor wasn’t being straight up honest with them down, which sucks, cuz I told him was a dude. I got two guys f*#king awesome, but they’re like man, they’re like you know. I should, I should listen to you.

0:54:30 – Brian
Everybody gave you a consultation man.

0:54:32 – Ralphaell
It’s like two hours, how’s a? Two hours in death? I was a. They wouldn’t screw you over and like yeah, I would say like for audience. Just make sure you pick somebody that has your best interest in heart, right, because everybody has a gender, right? Some people just want to get paid in on care. You know, just know, shovel house to you like they did to one of my guys, and it’s not what it was supposed to be. Yeah, so it’s a problem with it.

Um, but yeah, man, I would say shuffle realtor. Um, brian and Nate. Go, brian, nate, shopping that. I got consultation with them. Right, have this consultation with these two guys and I promise you like I Get it. I was clueless, all right, I was clueless and but they will help you Get where you need to be, wherever you’re looking for, which is Phenomenal, because I like that ad that you guys have right, when you guys would like having houses like every day.

Yeah it was like, at least like to your eyes like 34 houses, like you know, like Particularly to your liking what you want, like if you want to pull the area, and it’s just phenomenal. You look at that little app and play hey, like it, hey, I like this house, or whatever, you guys, I think you guys seen it on your side too yeah, house that you know right and it’s just like okay, dude, we look at it, do console, and then we’ll look at it.

And I think For vice-wise it’s just that Get with you too. And then everything like it’s just smooth sailing because you don’t have to think too much, you know. You don’t have to be like, oh shit, I have to do this or this. It’s just like you guys have everything in step, you guys give our handouts and it’s just. And a nice little, that little folder, that black button. Whatever?

and it’s just, it’s phenomenal. Man Like you can’t beat that, yeah, right, and you can’t beat Having people in your corner that actually care about you, right in your best interest, in her very rare these days that’s somebody to have your best interest in her and the way you guys did it, just a whole process. Because I hear about you know stories where you guys like, hey, we had to pull out last minute because the house wasn’t what it’s supposed to be. Yeah, I heard you know stories and stuff and it’s just like dude, these guys are not doing it for money, they’re doing it because they care and it’s hard to find that, yeah, they care and have the best interest in heart and to their cool. They’re too cool guys. I still I like love to have these guys like these guys my friends for life.

0:57:08 – Nait
Okay, I just wasn’t just like you know yeah, we had good times too, like I remember going up to, it was, uh, the Audi Murphy community. Yes and then we actually went into certain basilone. Yeah, it was the. It was a house owned by a certain basilone, but he was. He was like a grandchild of, and then that same day we found that awesome pizza shop. Yes, a’s pizza, chef’s kiss. You know what almost forgot?

0:57:43 – Ralphaell
about that pizza, now that you brought it up. I’m like dude, I’m like the like murders weekend, but like that piece of sick and just like hope community, the house, the house was sick, that basilone house we call it, yeah sick. Um, but yeah, man, like you guys were phenomenal. And then, like you, just the friendship that you develop, you know, with you guys, it’s just you can’t beat that man because, like you, I’m sure, like people out there, you know that Well work, you know Just business wise, quote unquote but um, be like, okay cool, you got your house, okay cool. Never talk to you again.


0:58:20 – Brian
Bye, okay, bye.

0:58:22 – Ralphaell
But, like no man. You guys were like like we developed a, a friendship, a true friendship, right, and you can’t beat that dude. You can’t beat that like you’re not gonna get it anywhere else. Yeah, all right, cuz I talked to like before you guys, I talked to all the realtors and I just got that.

0:58:39 – Brian
Yeah, for people just f*#king in it to try to make some money. Yes, get you sold and whatever and yeah.

0:58:48 – Ralphaell
Yeah, there was some some. Those guys were butter man, like they like called. There’s a guy called like three weeks ago and I think they’re already got a house, like I was like, yeah, I want with he calls like eight months later.

0:59:00 – Nait
Yeah, like, do you?

0:59:02 – Brian
still in the house.

0:59:03 – Ralphaell
No, I like dude.

0:59:04 – Brian
Come on, bro like come over my house with barbecue.

0:59:07 – Ralphaell
I’ll show you what I got. Yeah, dude, it’s like Really, but yeah, it’s funny, it’s funny. But the thing is, is that like, if you’re in a position of you don’t know if you’re going to not buy or buy, I would recommend talking to these two, brian and Nate.

0:59:25 – Brian
Well, because we’re going to, not, I mean it’s. We’re never salesy with people, right? Our objective isn’t to f*#king get something sold and collect a paycheck, right? For us it’s a lot more (than real estate).

What we do is just counseling people and showing people what it’s all about and, you know, spend some time listening to. You know where they are in their lives, because some people you know might want to buy and it might just not be a great time for them. You know what I mean. So we have those, you know those consults like we have with you, and you know if we start hearing, oh yeah, I’m, you know I’m freaking, deploying in three months and then right after my deployment I’ll be back in six months and right after that I’m PCSing to so and so, blah, blah, blah. That would be a great time.

Yeah, I’m going to be here for very long. You know what I mean. We just had a one of our clients that was PCSing in to Miramar from back east and he had found out that his orders were only going to be in San Diego for a year. So it was like, well, you know it was. It was kind of a toss up whether it was going to be one year or three years. It started leaning a little bit more towards one year and the conversation that we had with them prior to them even finding out, was if you’re going to be here for three years, you should buy a place. That would be a better option for you.

If you’re not doing that, if we’re, if you find out that you’re either going to be stationed somewhere else or only going to be here for a short time, like we need to talk about some pros and cons, cause, if you still want to buy, you still want to buy. That’s fine. Whatever Some people are savvy enough to wear, you know that’s. Buy a place, live in it for a little while. You know, buy like a dumpy house or something, live in it for a little while, fix some shit up and then when they pop smoke, um, now they use it as a rental property, which is how a lot of people in the military end up getting wealthy right Through using their VA loan repeatedly at every duty station. But, too, if it’s like we’re going to be here for a year, then we’re going to some other station in some other state and then we’re only going to be in for a few years and then we’re the f*#k out and we’re moving home, which is not anywhere near San Diego. It’s like, well, I don’t know if this is a good idea for you, then, and for me, like I’m not. I’m not above talking to myself out of a paycheck. I don’t care, I just don’t want somebody to get f*#ked over. You know what I mean, and especially with the people that we mostly work with, or you guys, active duty folks. You know a lot of vets, stuff like that. Like you guys deserve better service than f*#king anybody. You know, in my opinion, you’re 10 years in.

I did four years in the Marine Corps and got out right, did a bunch of other shit after that, before real estate, but still, like I hold very firm that the people that serve our country should gain the best service from people in the real estate industry, and you guys deserve a house more than f*#king anybody, especially you dudes that make a career out of this thing. Because you’ve been there and done that, you’ve f*#king, you’ve chewed some nasty dirt and some shitty places. You know what I mean. Like it shouldn’t be difficult for you to get into a property and it shouldn’t be a process for you where you like. Do I trust this person? Do I not trust this person? Do I have to watch out?

You know, at one store I always tell when I first got in the Marine Corps you know, through boot camp, through infantry school, first got into the fleet, everything all the senior Marines and the instructors and the DIs and all that kind of shit are always like don’t trust people out in town. You leave these gates, you f*#king leave your trust at the door because everybody out there is out to f*#king get you. Everybody out there is out to make money off of you. You know what I mean and I can. I usually say well, I mean it’s f*#king true, right, most of the time you go outside of a military base and there’s a few things you see outside of every one of them.

Use car lot, use car lot yeah 20% interest, but they’ll give you a full tank of gas. Yeah, 20% deal, deal, f*#king. Cash advance place loan shark right. And the third one strip clubs, strip clubs. Every time, every time.

1:03:13 – Ralphaell
And you know, those bases are always around the shittiest places. Yeah, yeah, Like the shittiest neighborhoods.

1:03:19 – Brian
So I mean it’s, it’s not. When you’re told that like hey, watch out for people out in town. They’re trying to f*#king make money on you, they’re just trying to take advantage of you, and then you leave base and those are the first three businesses that you see are people trying to take money from you in some way, shape or form or make money off of you. Then you’re like, yeah, dude, I shouldn’t trust anybody out in town. You know what I mean and but. But there are those of us out there that f*#king wore your boots, that f*#king chewed the same dirt as you did. That got out and you know whatever it’s to me, you know I’ll be a Marine until a day I f*#king die Absolutely and then I’m a dead Marine. Just because I’m not an active duty anymore, that doesn’t make me any less a Marine and doesn’t make the Marine Corps any less a part of my f*#king story. You know what I mean? Part of my life, shit. It’s f*#king Marine Corps birthday today, baby, happy birthday.

1:04:08 – Ralphaell
That’s f*#king f*#ked up, some Marines.

1:04:10 – Nait
I think that car, that we keep hearing, is a Marine just like doing laps with his flag Creaming.

1:04:15 – Brian
Screaming yeah. f*#king from the halls of my dead zoo, my doing f*#king burn out some shit, man, we had to learn that song man during the season.

1:04:23 – Ralphaell
Really, yeah, nice, yeah, we had to learn.

1:04:25 – Brian
I haven’t seen the Navy. The Navy looks up to us.

1:04:29 – Ralphaell
Yeah, yeah, to learn that that hem.

1:04:30 – Brian
Yeah, that’s f*#king cool, it’s f*#king crazy. I, yeah, every every year for the, every year for the f*#king birthday, I always end up, you know, but hanging out with a bunch of Marines and I mean, time’s no different. I’m going out with a couple of my buddies to go get some dinner and our wives, and then we’re f*#king weapons free out in town. We’re just going to go find somewhere and just start drinking, but it always happens that the Marines hem, always, it doesn’t matter how long we’ve been out, and it’s somebody will start from the halls, and then everybody’s like f*#king to the shores of trip.

And then you’re all fired up.

That’s f*#king funny, anyway. But yeah, man, no, I’m back to what I was saying, though, like big idea, and the point that point that I’m trying to drill home is that there are people out in town, like outside of the f*#king military’s gates, that are still looking out for you. There are people like us that you know absolutely are f*#king number one. Our top priority is make sure that my f*#king bros are covered. You know what I mean. You just have to f*#king find those people, you know, and for, I will say, for people that are thinking about buying a house, there’s a few different ways that you can find and vet a real estate agent. Right, most of the time, good agents are found from word of mouth, like you found us from Carlos and Teresa, right, correct, they found us from now, I think they found us online, actually, I can’t remember, anyway, but the point is that it’s kind of a word of mouth thing.

So, like, talk to your friends hey, who’s your agent who helped you buy a house? How did they do? Did they do a good job? Did they fight for you? Like, tell me some f*#king stories, and people that are homeowners will tell you the f*#king story of how they bought their house Like it’s people are, you know, because you’re proud of it. You f*#king it’s. It’s your castle that you just bought and you’re f*#king stoked, right. So they’ll tell you your story and if their agent did a good job for them, it’s going to be a great story, and if their agent did a bad job for them, it’s going to be interesting story for you, but they’re going to be pissed off the whole time, right? So big idea is like, word of mouth is a really good way to to find an agent that does a good job, right, especially if you got a buddy like you that you know sing our praises to people. Listen to those people.

Right, listen to those people around you that are saying, hey, I got this agent, that’s f*#king top shit. Ok, cool, that’s great, maybe there’s a friend or something. But why are they so good? You know, let them tell you why that person is good. Then, when you get a hold of whatever agent, right, have a conversation with them, and most of the time people can read people. I think pretty well, right, have a conversation with that agent.

Ask them, you know, especially for you know, our military folks like what’s your experience with the VA loan? How many houses have you sold with the VA loan? You know, what kind of stuff should I be looking for when it comes to that? You know, do you have a lender that you recommend to people? So why do you recommend that lender? You know what I mean. All that kind of stuff.

When we got you tied in with Kyle, when you were with that other company before, like we know and I’m going to Everybody listening that knows anything about this is going to know exactly who I’m talking about as soon as I say this working with that loan company, you’re immediately spending $3,200 more in closing costs just to work with them. I know, I just gave that away to everybody. I don’t care. Didn’t say their name anyway, but you know f*#king even just tell you telling me who you were working with and me being like dude, look, I know their name. Sounds like they’re looking out for you. I know that what it seems like they’re doing and they have their shit, they have their ships locked down pretty f*#king tight Like they do a good job. They’re just expensive.

1:08:01 – Nait
Their marketing machine is that’s what you’re paying for. 100% for their marketing machine.

1:08:06 – Brian
Yeah, f*#king insane amounts of money every month that they spend on that. So you see their face every where. You see their name every time you open up social media. But for us to be able to be like dude, look here’s our lender, kyle. You know, he’s f*#king rock solid you should have him look at your loan and see what he can do, because I guarantee he’s going to beat them. And he f*#king did. He did, he smoked them. He actually did better than the f*#king builders lender to sure did.

1:08:32 – Ralphaell
Yeah, yeah, he did, he does, we did.

1:08:34 – Brian
That lender was like well, we can, well, we’re not going to. Yeah, we were going to give you $19,000 of credit. Well, we can’t really give you the credit now. Bullshit didn’t say anything. Your contract said you were going to give us this credit, not because we work with your VA lender, but you’re going to give us this credit. So you’re going to give us this credit, and that’s how it’s going to go. And that’s how it went. I think it was like 14,000.

1:08:57 – Nait
Yeah, it was 14,000.

1:08:59 – Brian
But I mean, you know, just it’s to my point like there’s people out there that are going to look out for you and there’s people out there that are looking out for their f*#king pockets, you know. So make sure that if you’re thinking about getting into it, talk to people that you know that have bought a home, ask them about how their experience was, how their agent was, all that stuff we’re really easy to find online. Here’s another option that you can do. Tip of the spear real estate team is f*#king Google it and it will pop up.

1:09:28 – Ralphaell

1:09:28 – Brian
Yeah, hajicom. No, you can find us really f*#king easily, even and this is what I tell people all the time too If somebody’s looking for a realtor, even not in our outside of the state or Northern California or somewhere f*#king far away. Not only do we have a network of other veteran agents all over the country, but before we give you their contact info, we call them ourselves and we’ll f*#king grill them to make sure that they’re looking out for people. Right, I will call you. Want to buy a place in Quantico? Cool, I have a guy for you. I’m going to call him and make sure he’s a good fit. Right, I’ll call my guy, talk to him, ask him a bunch of questions, make sure that he’s, you know, in alignment with what we’re trying to do here. I know already my Quantico agents f*#king rock solid.

So usually nowadays, when those referrals come through, it’s like, hey, bro, check it out. I got another client for you ready for me. He’s like, f*#k, yeah, send him, tell him a little background fricking, active duty, active duty, marine Corps, going to eighth. And I, whatever the case may be, all right, cool, no sweat, we got him f*#king full send. And I know they’re getting taken care of because I know the guy.

But even in areas where I don’t have that good of a connection with an agent, I will call every call. I’ll make a list agents and call every single f*#king agent that I can find out there within my brokerage, outside of our brokerage. It doesn’t really matter, you know, but we’ll actually sit and interview these people for you so that you don’t have to worry about whether you asked the right questions or you know if you asked enough questions, or whatever the case may be, to make sure that the person’s experienced, knows the VA loan, knows the process, has a lender that knows the VA loan, knows the process and is looking out for our clients, you know, looking out for our f*#king, you know military veteran community, not just looking out for themselves. So that’s, I mean, if that’s, if that’s a shameless bug or not, I don’t think so. We’re just trying to help, I guess.

So maybe not, but that’s I mean for real, like if you’re, if you’re listening and you’re thinking about buying something and you’re thinking about buying something, not where we are, f*#king call us anyway, dude, we’ll hook you up somebody cool. Hell yeah you know what I mean.

1:11:37 – Nait
Ralphaell, it’s been a pleasure having you on. Thank you for making the drive. We’re about that time. We’re going to close it off. So, on behalf of the Marine Corps birthday, you want to give a shout out to any Marines, both for Chesty. There we go, All right. On behalf of tip of the spear real estate team we are real vets and we’ll see in the next one. All right.

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